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17| Singer | Actress | Yogi


A roar for Revolution: Hum Dekhenge. Penned by Faiz and Sung by Bano

In the history of human civilization, the mass has sprung up in resistance against the…

Patient Zero of Music Piracy : How a single man from Shelby North Carolina working in a CD factory liberated music for an entire era.

Stephen Witt in his book-‘ How Music Got Free’ offers an in-depth overview of the…

4 Bad Vocal Habits That Some Popular Singers Have And How to Overcome These!

No matter how perfectly melodious a famous singer’s voice may sound as you turn up…

6 Reasons Behind Soaring Divorce Rates Amongst Celebrity Couples

When it comes to separation of married couples who tied the knot with all due…

Top 5 Instagram Tips For Musicians

Instagram – The leading social media platform for millennials in 2019. With 1  billion active…

5 Essential Marketing Tips for Musicians on Facebook

With 2.41 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the web’s most visited social media site,…

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