10 Uncommon Facts About Taylor Swift That’ll Leave You Surprised

Alia Smith
Taylor Swift

Be it teenagers or adults, who doesn’t love Taylor Swift? But we bet you do not know about the following 10 uncommon and latent facts about her:


1. Her style of music is inspired by her love for storytelling and musical theatre:

The loved sensational artist Taylor Swift began her career on auditioning for Broadway shows but could not actually make it to the stage. It was soon after when she realised her talent of storytelling via musical theatre and switched to country music.


2. She declined a contract at the age of 14 on being asked to record songs written by other people:

She was only 14 when she walked out of a development contract with RCA Records on being asked to record a song which was written by someone else. She also confessed to her mom that she did not want to record songs written by anyone but herself.


3. She composed “Our Song” in 9th grade and decided to include it in her first album after receiving appreciation from her classmates:

On being appreciated and encouraged by her peer groups and classmates, Taylor decided to include “Our Song”, which she wrote early in her teens for a talent show, in her first album. She used to feel elated when her classmates used to sing lines back to her in the halls as a way of cherishing.


4. She has always been fond of the normality of life and went back to her friend’s college classes and brother’s dorm room after the success of “Fearless”:


After “Fearless” hit immense success, she used to go back to her friend Abigail’s college classrooms and used to revisit her brother’s dorm room in order to experience the normality and little joys of life


5. Her generosity reflected when she wrote “Ronan” which was dedicated to a little boy who died from neuroblastoma:

After she read a blog post written by her mother which described the death of a little boy who died neuroblastoma, she wrote a song along with Maya, the mother of the deceased boy who was the co-writer of the song. Taylor also donated all the sale proceeds of that song to cancer-fighting charitable trusts.


6. She became the only artist in history to bag Grammy for Best Pop Album and Best Country Album in 1989:

She also became the youngest artist to take home a Grammy for Album of the Year in 2010 for “Fearless” and shares the position with Adele on being one of the only two women who won this award twice.


7. She delivered Christmas presents and even showed up herself to some hand-picked fans in 2014:

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She hand-picked few of her diehard and dedicated fans in 2014 and got Christmas presents delivered to them. Astonishingly, she also showed up personally to few out of those fans to whom she gave amazing presents, of which one included a cheque of $1989 to pay off a fan’s student loan. 


8. She donated $15000 to a firefighter who saved his own wife and son from a car crash:

It was in 2015 when Taylor got to know that the wife and son of a firefighter who were saved by him did not have a medical insurance. Thereby she decided to donate $15000 to them without letting the media know about it.


9. She made a surprise appearance on the Tonight Show to sing as a tribute Jimmy Fallon’s mother:

The writer and producer of the Tonight Show has claimed that a performance by Taylor was not scheduled for that specific day but she affirmed for the same without even hesitating once. She performed “New Year’s Day” as this song signified a personal and special connection between Jimmy Fallon and his mother who had died a week ago. Ofcourse it made everyone on the set cry as she sang.


10. She sent flowers and a note to a couple on their wedding after her song was used by one of them to propose to the other

Taylor literally sent a personalised note and a bouquet of flowers to a couple on their wedding when one of the spouses proposed to the other using Taylor’s song.

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