10 Untold Facts About Music Sensation ‘Kesha’ Unveiled

Ragini Juneja

Kesha Rose Sebert, popularly known by the name Ke$ha is an American music sensation who excels in singing, song-writing, rapping as well as acting. Any further description of her success in the music industry would be unrequired due to her wide admiration all over the world. Her work and performances are loved by all, and acknowledging such extensive appreciation, we have brought you a list of 10 uncommon facts about the 30 year old music sensation that will make you fall for her all over again:


1. How did Ke$ha gain access to the world of fame?

She came into sight after her performance in the TV series “The Simple Life, along with her family. She was merely in her teens when she first stepped in the world of fame.


2. She is bonkers about animals and wildlife

Ke$ha has many a times emphasised on the fact that animals are her happy place. This fact remains undisputable as she along with her mother, fosters 7 rescue dogs as well as 1 bird whom she found injured on a highway at the age of 17. Also, she is the very first ambassador of Humane Society International.


3. What is the relevance of “$” in Ke$ha’s name?

After the release of her music video “Tik-Tok”, the fans were immersed in suspicion as to why Ke$ha’s name contained a dollar sign as a replacement of the letter “S”. This was answered by her when she disclosed the pay parity faced by her when she was featured in the hit song “Right Round” by Flo Rida. She claims that she was not credited and paid sufficiently for her performance which gave rise to the inclusion of “$” in her name.


4. She has a thing for glitter and tattoos

The number of identifiable tattoos on Ke$ha’s body is as high as 33, including 4 different whale tattoos. Also, on an average she nearly spends few thousands of dollars monthly in lieu of her glitter obsession and to keep herself all sparkly. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that all that glitters in Ke$ha.


5. She loves crazy

While in school, Ke$ha attempted photocopying her butt which resulted in 100,000 copies of her butt. She has also hitchhiked through Central America which was a very adventurous experience. Also, she once took a Greyhound bus just to attend a concert of the Darkness.


6. Despite of being a celebrity herself, she still obsesses over many others

No matter how famous she has become, she doesn’t hesitate to share her obsession with Will Smith and that she possesses 5 copies of Big Willie Style. Also, she still adores the fact that she received 2 hugs from Bob Dylan.


7. Why was her second album named Warrior?

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Ke$ha is very fond of her fans and supporters. She is inclined towards taking their life happening into consideration by the course of her profession. When she encountered few of her fans being victimised of social media bullying on Twitter, she decided to name her then upcoming album Warrior.


8. She speaks pretty good Spanish

As Ke$ha has expansively toured through Latin America, it led her to speak Spanish stupendously.


9. She was academically brilliant

Not only does Ke$ha shine bright in the music industry, but she also was a vivid student in the academic sphere. She won an art competition at the age of 4 for a lovely drawing of a city cat. While she was at the Belmont University, she used to enjoy attending lectures on Cold War history classes just for fun. She also studied comparative religion at Columbia University during one of her summer breaks. Adding to her excellence, she also ran for the position of President of her high school Student Council.


10. She is a scuba-diving pro

Ke$ha claims herself to be an advanced scuba diver with sufficient practice, training and experience to become an instructor.

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