101 Guide To Independent Promotion Of Your Music

Ragini Juneja

In this era of digitalisation, it has become categorically easier for independent artists to promote their music without relying on any support provided by long-established artists.

It goes without saying that the primary concern of each musician should be their performance, but the increasing level of competition demands strong promotional tactics as well.

The colossal social network has turned out to be the ultimate middleman between the artists and the audience for promotion of one’s artworks. However, not everyone is aware of the techniques to achieve the best of a promotional campaign for their singing ventures. For your rescue, we have brought a 101 guide which contains 10 ways by which even a newbie singer can promote their music independently as well as economically:

1. Mark your presence in playlists:

Getting streamed and playlisted, especially on popular music platforms like Apple Music, Saavn, Spotify, Wynk, etc. can do wonders to your musical venture. Your presence in playlists will create a very positive impression in the minds on the listeners as it will remark popularity and admiration. Getting playlisted not only makes you renowned, but also helps you attain some royalty earnings.

2. Work on music videos:

Working up an engaging, stimulating and creative music video can help you gather all the attention of the viewers. This method is fruitful in today’s time when videos go viral easily on social media as a result of the vast and fast social network. Thinking out of the box and putting high quality content in a music video are examples of aspects that can influence and amaze the viewers.

3. Go Live:

Going live is a conventional method of gaining more audience and is a foolproof way to gather the required fandom. Music tours and gigs give the audience a personalised experience and enable you to connect soulfully with the audience. So be sure of making this time of the audience memorable and worthwhile.

4. Build a smart and reliable team:

Not each one of us works well in a team and rather prefer to work and earn solo. However, one must realise the pros and potential benefits one can achieve by working in an efficient and reliable team on individuals. You can work around promoters, influencers, brainstormers, marketers, etc. who can enable your venture to gain the required professionalism and popularity.

5. Build on your strengths:


When we talk of music, your niche genre is your strength in which you have the perfection and expertise. Working and playing on your niche genre can help you gain fame for that particular music form. This will enable you to build fanbase in accordance with your perfected genre. It must be remembered that a musician should focus on performing exceptionally well  in a special music form rather than attempting to expand in all fields of music.

6. Be socially active:

Social media came to all the newbie business promoters as a blessing. Its full exploitation must be done by each one who is seeking an effective and efficient surge in their musical business. You must create business pages and accounts on popular social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. and be excessively active on your social handles. Even responding to messages received on these social handles can make an impressive remark in the sender’s mind.

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7. Create a website:

Maintaining a highly professional and reflective website can help in boosting your business ventures. The website principally works as the business face of your artwork. Therefore, the website must contain links to your work, brief personal background, past performances, upcoming events, contact information, etc. The window dressing of your website must be appealing to the eye and must reflect hues of professionalism and expertise.

8. Know your target group well:

A musician must know the people well to whom he/she is catering to. The music must be produced in accordance with the tastes and preferences of the audience as well as with the time dynamics. Discovering and exploring more about your audience can help your work gain more detail and quality.

9. Get featured in blogs and press releases:

In this era of digitalisation, let us not underestimate the power of conventional promotional methods like music magazines, press releases and blogs. Getting featured in any of these handles can help your venture gain a word in the music world. Not all newbie musicians can afford a proper and expensive public relations team. So, maintaining a good rapport with bloggers and journalists is the most convenient option.

10. Prepare a mailing list:

Preparing and following up on a mailing list enables you to widen the reach of your musical venture. When a viewer or customer provides you with their email address, it implies their inclination towards their willingness to hear from you. In such situations, the broadcasted emails must be catchy and personalised. Automated replies to fan mails must be avoided as giving them a personalised experience can make them feel more comfortable.

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