4 Bad Vocal Habits That Some Popular Singers Have And How to Overcome These!

Ishita Kapoor

No matter how perfectly melodious a famous singer’s voice may sound as you turn up the music, those stars mostly have one or the other bad vocal habit which they overcame.

Suffering from vocal faults is completely normal, it is just attention and care that is required in order to kick away such bad vocal habits. Following are some bad vocal habits and the ways one can follow in order to remedy such habits, along with the very famous music stars who suffered from such bad habits:

1. Throat tension:

Commendable singers like Katy Perry and Christina Aguilera have suffered from throat tension in their past, which caused their voices to sound more similar to yelling instead of melodic singing and resulted in excessive strain appearing on their necks.

In order to get rid of it, one may follow either of both ways of relieving throat tension i.e. relaxation of throat and focusing on the fundamentals of singing. Firstly, one may try relaxing his/her throat muscles by gently rubbing on it while standing in front of a mirror. Otherwise, one may focus on minor yet rudimentary fundamentals of singing which are well-functional breath support, a relaxed posture, and an uplifted soft palate.


2. Nasal singing:

Famous singers like Rebecca Black and Miley Cyrus have undergone this bad habit of nasal singing in which the sound produced is a result of human’s ability to breathe or sing using either of their nose or mouth. As more air is released out of the nasal passage, the tone produced becomes nasally.

However, to discard this bad singing habit out of your routine, one must practice uplifting of their soft palate by apparent plugging of their nose without even using their hands or any nose plug.


3. Off-key singing:

Top-notch stars like Taylor Swift and Régine Chassagne have suffered from this issue of pitchy or off-key singing wherein a singer tends to undergo the failure to coordinate between the brain, the breath, and the vocal cords all at once which enables the production of a sound that is slightly flat and inaccurate.

In order to resolve this issue of off-key singing that is fairly common amongst singers, one must attune to a pitch analyzer or keyboard and devote a considerable time of ten minutes every day to obtain the most accurate pitch.


4. Tongue tension:

Astounding singers like Eddie Vedder and Sarah Brightman have overcome a singing bad habit of tongue tension which led to the emergence of a clogged sound and modified vowels. Such clogged sound is an outcome of any part or the whole tongue becoming rigid while performing.

However, tongue tension is a bad singing habit which must not be ignored due to its wide impacts such as vocal fatigue and other vocal problems. In order to make sure that tongue tension is cured, one must try to rest their tongue on their lower lip while standing in front of a mirror. Also, one must try to sing vowels without causing tension on their tongues.

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