4 Pro-Tips That Can Elevate the Performance Energy of Every Singer

Ragini Juneja

Being an astounding singer, have you still had those low-points during a gig when you can genuinely feel your energy reserves depleting inside your body?

For your rescue, we have come up with 4 ways in which you can groove away your best gig until the very end of it while maintaining invariable zest and vigour throughout your performance.

1. Preparation is the key:

Let’s admit the fact that mugging up lyrics and tunes a couple of hours before hitting the audience would certainly get reflected by your confidence and quality during the performance. In order to avoid such situations where lack of confidence comes into picture because you haven’t practiced well on your part, you must get easy while going with the rhythm, form, tunes, lyrics and possibly every dimension of the song.

Perfecting that piece of art beforehand would enable you to add your own spontaneous form of quirkiness and novelty to it. Your confidence would definitely get boosted as the more you practice, more you get the hang of it. An emotional connection between you and your performance would be established only when you have sincerely rehearsed your melodies well.


2. Eat away your exhaustion:

Do not miss upon your basic habits while getting all caught up in fashioning and preparing yourself for a performance. It’s not surprising to see singers looking all drained and consumed just before an appearance due to other engagements like making themselves look upright, reaching the venues on time or unnerving right before the appearance. However, not having a proper and balanced meal would clearly be manifested in your performance. There is an involvement of exuberant amount of mental as well as physical energy in a single gig, but we miss upon feeding our bodies in order to let them process that food and function well in return.

As it is considered an adequate habit to sip on water before singing, eating a balanced yet healthy meal before a performance would provide you with the requisite amount of energy to perform. But in no circumstance shall one confuse a meal with an unhealthy binging of junk food. Meals that are unwholesome and too heavy for one to digest should be avoided and substituted by a regulated and nutritious meal.


3. Spend some me-time:


Musical appearances, in general, involve enormous amount of social interaction that too for long durations which might end up being exhausting for most of us. But slowing things down a little and taking out some time for yourself right before the gig wouldn’t harm anyone, would it?

Meditating, listening to your favourite melodies in solitude, taking a short nap, reading a chapter of your loved book, sauntering down in the greens, or merely sitting down calmly while doing nothing, are all examples of what a singer may do just before the public appearance in order to calm oneself down.

Spending such time in solitude would bring within you the spirit to perform well and rock and roll till the very end of your gig.


4. Rest well:

A sleepless night just a day before the appearance would not do wonders to the performance, it would rather deteriorate the quality of your voice. The chances of human fallacies and lack of attention increase as the element of tiredness in one expands. Not having enough sleep or rest before your gig would reflect on your face as well as your songs. One would not be able to perform with the same vigour and zeal as a result of sleeplessness.

Remember, your audience definitely wouldn’t applaud and appreciate a worn-out and whacked face, singing flat and soulless tunes.

The discipline of singing demands utmost will and passion, however one faces innumerable challenges while doing it. We are sure that inculcating these 4 basic yet fundamental tips in your singing routine will bring out step ahead results.

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