5 Essential Marketing Tips for Musicians on Facebook


With 2.41 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the web’s most visited social media site, making it the perfect tool for musicians to promote and maintain their brand.

1. Form a Content Calendar:

A content calendar can help you plan your posts in a more organized manner. Generally, only a few posts per week are required. If you have an event or gig coming up, use most of your posts to promote it. Carefully think about how you can create excitement before releasing videos, announcements, or albums. If you’re running dry, you can also use the throwback trick at times and post some older content. Whether, you want to be mysterious, or go all out, a content calendar can be your perfect tool.


2. Facebook Live and Stories:

Facebook Live is also a relatively new and interesting feature. Start live streams at any time and a notification is sent out to all your followers. There is also real-time comments and reactions feed. Since it is a new feature, it also has a higher reach. You may have online performances, intimate shows from your living room, and even question-answer sessions with your viewers. Live streams are a great and personalized way to connect with your followers, make announcements and do promotions!

Stories are also becoming an integral part of social media. Promote your brand and share your daily lives with your follower by uploading stories in the form of photos, videos, other posts. You can also add stickers and GIFs to make your stories more interactive and creative!


3. Facebook Embedded video works faster:

Gone are the days of just pictures and photos. Moving content catches the eyes of users. Facebook tends to favor its own built-in video player instead of external ones. Of course, at times, it makes sense to release videos using Youtube and other sources, Youtube views are important as well. However, Facebook embedded videos will end up working much faster and should be used whenever it can.


4. Boost Significant Posts:

Spending a few bucks can result in a difference of hundreds of likes. Among the massive wave of posts per day, your post can get lost unless it is boosted. Spend according to the importance of the post. If it is a big announcement or music videos, put aside a higher budget. If you have the resources, you can even put out ads.  Marketing is an essential part of constructing your brand, try not to skimp on the marketing budget, because that is what might end up building you up.


5. Use Trackable Links, Especially on Boosted Posts:

A normal link is ordinary. Shorten the links of your Youtube video and other links by using  SmartURL or bit.ly. These links look more appealing, are handled better by the algorithm of Facebook, and also have the ability to be tracked. You can track how often these links are being clicked and also where they are being shared. This trick will be of higher use especially when you are running a larger project.

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