5 Facts You Didn’t Know About People Who Love Music


Music is loved by each one of us and if you are a diehard music fanatic, then you need no other reasons to celebrate.

It has been proven that music significantly helps in improving people’s psychological wellbeing and boosting physical health. 

Studies reveal that music helps in shaping our personalities and behaviors. The deeper the researchers dig, the more they make us realize how amazing music’s power truly is. From uplifting our mood instantly to reducing our stress levels, and from sharpening our memory to improving our overall health, music is a sole fix to all our ailments. Here are some of the lesser-known scientifically proven facts found about people who love music:

1. Women find talented musicians more attractive as compared to other men:

According to a study published in The Royal Society, women looking for men to date, tend to lean more towards music lovers or professional musicians. The study also highlighted the dating preferences of women at various intervals of their menstrual cycle. It was found that they preferred expert performers and composers over other men for relationships. To be increasingly exact, they lean towards men who form complex music.

2. Musicians are in a better position to remember things from the past:

Studies at the University of Texas have revealed that musicians are very proficient when it comes to remembering and retaining things from the past. Due to their vast exposure to pictorial signs and videography, while learning music, musicians develop a better long-term memory and are in a better position to recollect things. However, their magnificent long-term memory is limited to their visual memory only.

3. The rhythmic ability has been linked to language learning:

Researchers have found that the ability to choose a rhythm enables musicians to gain proficiency in a language more easily, than others. While training as a musician; individuals are more adapted to the laws of rhythm which helps in accelerating the whole learning process to a considerable extent.

4. Listening to music while driving can actually help you to drive safer on the road:

According to a study published in Science Direct which analyzed the effect of music on drivers, it has been revealed that the songs you haven’t heard before, help you drive safer on road. It was found that people tend to make more mistakes while listening to familiar songs as compared to new songs. On the other hand, a specially made composition enables them to drive better.

5. Classical music is linked to improving the IQ of the listener:

A recent issue of BBC Music Magazine reports that there’s a link between musical taste and intellectual function. “Classical music lovers may indeed have more brain as compared to others” the study reveals. Though your taste of music and the songs you listen to are determined by an ample amount of factors, however, it is scientifically proven that people who love classical music have more grey matter as compared to those who listen to pop music or no music at all.

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