5 Foods To Beat Pre-Performance Anxiety

Ishita Kapoor

Pre-performance anxiety is an apprehension shared by a singer in a small gig as well as a singer in a colossal concert. But the cheat code against this anxiety is not commonly known to all singers. It is pertinent to note for all singers that regulation of mere eating habits right before a stage performance can curb your anxiety.

Considering and committing to any of the few aforementioned foods can do wonders in helping you diminish your anxiety before any gig:

  1. Dark chocolate on the go:

Cocoa which releases serotonin in your body, is usually referred to as the “happy hormone” which would loosen you up and make you feel bubbly at the same time. However, any kind of chocolate that has high sugar content must be avoided.

It must be noted that a couple of pieces of a good quality dark chocolate should ideally be popped in approximately an hour before your public appearance, so that it can get processed into your bloodstream and start creating the relaxing effect. Dark chocolate will keep you activated for your entire performance and also relieve your pre-performance anxiety.

  1. Go bananas:

Bananas work alike beta-blocking drugs which avert adrenaline from tying up with beta receptors that are present in our bodies. This enables us in maintaining a stable pulse and heart rate, and lead to lowered blood pressure.

Bananas would supply your body with consistent energy which is slowly released, enabling you to feel energetic throughout your performance. They are packed with natural sugar, potassium and protein which will constantly keep you zestful and spirited.

  1. Peanut butter makes it better:

Peanut butter is the storehouse of healthy protein, fibre and fats, and will prepare the lively and zealous version of you, if consumed in the right quantity before your gig. It will aim at stabilising your heart and blood sugar rate so that you can feel pumped up while getting rid of all the unease and anxiety.

  1. Oats for the win:

Oats create a vault of energy which is slowly released in your body, and is its key feature. With the energy being slowly released in your blood, oats make you feel fuller for longer hours and keep your body’s energy reserves intact. Also, fuelling your body up with a diet so rich in carbohydrates would relieve any adrenaline rushes that you might face.

  1. Spinach it up:

Spinach stimulates the sensation of comfort and tranquillity which will liberate you from any feeling of pre-performance anxiety or pressure. The composition of high fibre, anti-oxidant and magnesium content will make your mind feel at ease and pacify it until the end of your gig.

A singer must also note that there are few food items which may dwindle the quality of your performance on being consumed right before your public appearance, some of which are:

  1. Coffee and Tea
  2. Sugar
  3. Alcohol
  4. Processed Food

Following and maintaining a balanced diet certainly helps in improving the overall performance of a singer, but the consumption and avoidance of the above mentioned foods accordingly shall boost the boost the ardour of a singer by sweeping away all the pre-performance anxiety.

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