5 Indie Artists Who Do Jobs Besides Music To Make Extra Money

Ishita Kapoor

While involvement in the music industry may appear fancy on the face of it as a profession involving media, fame, and passion, but the reality to it is quite contrasting.

Undoubtedly, artists get to follow their dreams and passion which will certainly lead to a path of success in the future, but success in the music industry does not necessarily imply lucrative monetary gains.

There exist remarkable artists who have to give a thought to it while they think of spending mediocre amounts ruthlessly because of the dynamism and abundant availability of talent in this industry. it takes multitudinous years for an artist to become financially independent while relying on music-making as their sole source of income. Due to these factors, it has become a common instinct of artists to keeping themselves involved in apparently odd jobs besides music which enables them to gain extra income and afford better luxuries of life.

Ideally, there should be no self-consciousness in the mind of an artist while he/she participates in supplementary jobs as it only expands the spectrum of artists and exposes them to a better quality of life. For breaking such stigma, we have brought to you a list of 5 India artists who indulge into odd jobs for earning the extras:

1. Kevin Olken Henthorn, Cape Francis:

Kevin has himself confessed that he never had a savings account as all that he earned used to go into music. This is because of the characteristics of the music industry which demands financial investments by budding artists in various forms like in putting out a record annually, touring, marketing, etc. To manage the extra expenses, Kevin proudly works as a video editor at a financial institution which actually pays the bills in real life.

2. Brian Profilio:

Music for Brian is more of a hobby that pays him, rather than a sole or permanent source of income, as the returns from it are clearly insufficient for him to sustain himself and his family. Due to such low pays, he has been working as an art teacher at New York City High School since past 17 years, which is his supreme origin of bread while the music remains to be a hobby that pays him restrictively.

3. Cass McCombs:

He has hustled through so many diverse work fields in his lifetime which has provided him with abundant experience, exposure, and wisdom. Cass McCombs has done every odd job ranging from truck-driving to folding and licking envelopes. Not just these two jobs, he has also worked in bookstores, record stores, movie theatres as well as delicatessens. Cass also worked as a painter on the Trump tower, engaged in demolition work and worked as a projectionist.

4. Sasami:

While Sasami has faith in following her inner voice which commands her to make music, she also thinks that artists remain underpaid in this industry and their income in initial years is not solely sufficient to run even basic life. Sasami has indulged into music as a full-time job recently, but she has also undertaken a job of teaching music which lets her remain in close contact with music all the time as well as lets her earn few extra dollars.

5. Stina Tweeddale:

She strongly believes that attaining financial stability as a musician is a dream that will take innumerable years until it is accomplished because musicians constantly have to invest in tours and music production, which deducts the luxury out of their life. In order to gain extra monetary perks besides what she is able to earn from following her passion, Stina Tweeddale from Honeyblood works at a snooker hall, which aids her in paying off those overheads.

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