5 Music Industry Facts That Every Musician Needs To Know

Alia Smith

Working in the music industry requires much more efforts and labour than how it appears on the face of it.

The amount of recognition and compensation we see being accrued out of the music industry is not enjoyed by each musician in the industry. Such noteworthy perks are a result of rigorous productivity and toil. The technical knowhow and crucial titbits of the industry are a mandate which fill the gap between a musician and the path of success.

So, we have brought to you 5 elementary yet pivotal facts about the music biz which will boost your musical venture:

1. Don’t underestimate the value of basics:

The potential of recent developments in marketing and promotional as well as social media tactics to empower your musical venture cannot be undermined, however none of the mentioned tactics can match the strength and impact of the most basic tools used by musicians like focussing on the quality of music, performing on public platforms, personal interactions with fans, etc. The aspect of personalisation present in conventional tools of making and promoting music adds and edge to such methods.

2. Exploit the capability of social networking:

Social media is an extremely powerful platform which liberates the piece of music of the musician to reach millions of viewers in just one click. Promotion and marketing via social media methods like creating websites, updating blogs, releasing newsletters and press releases, fan pages, etc. are few methods by which you can explore and exploit the full potential of recent developments in technology in order to gain immense recognition in your musical venture.

3. Aim for a subsistent living initially:

In the beginning of your career in music, you must focus on giving to the industry rather than wanting or taking from it. The initial years in the music industry require meticulous and very dedicated efforts. Expecting a lavish and extremely luxurious lifestyle out of your few freshmen years in the industry might leave you disappointed. This industry requires you to gain gradual experience and exposure with time. Rather, aiming for achieving a balanced living out of your musical venture can make you feel content, confident and motivated.


4. Difference between knowing music and knowing music business:

A musician must note that there is a lot of difference between art and commerce. While a musician excels in the art of making music, the same musician might or might not excel in effective marketing, promotion and sales of such art. At the end of the day, the commercial element of your music will fill your pockets with money and contentment. Taking proper guidance and help from a business expert who can aid you in running the commercialised form of your music can bring you huge returns.

5. Reviews do not equalise to sales:

Swelling number of reviews certainly bring you bundles of joy and happiness every now and then, but the harsh reality and practicability must be faced that such high reviews by viewers will not bring actual sales into the picture. The piece of music produced by you must be so influential and engaging that it urges the viewers to actually purchase your record, which will in turn render you the monetary reward for your hard work and toil.

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