5 Questions To Ask Yourself When Defining Your Singing Brand

Ragini Juneja

Defining a brand identity is not a “fuzzy” exercise with little quantifiable returns. It is an evaluative groundwork for developing competition, customer retention and prospect loyalty.

Does your business have what it takes to be successful in today’s competitive world?

Well, having a service or product that everyone needs isn’t enough, businesses today need every advantage to succeed and not just survive amongst the competition.

And when it comes to building a singing brand, it would enhance the defining features of your voice to the public at large and would add to the accessibility and approachability of people to your unique artwork. However, this task of creating a singing brand for yourself demands devotion and ample amount of time in order to work and improve upon the minor details of your brand.

Before you define your brand, here are 5 questions to ask yourself:

1. What motivated you to chase a career in singing?

Answering the fundamental question of “why” is a crucial element in signifying the aims, vision and potential of your brand. The best reply to this introspective question would be a personalised answer which narrates the real version of your that, that pushed you forward to building a career in singing. Once you have sorted the answer to this question, you will already reach the stage of realisation of your potential and where do you see yourself in the discipline of singing post a few years.


2. How would your co-workers describe you?

This question may seem like less of introspection and more of extrospection. But, only when you get to know your strengths and weaknesses from the looking glass of another is when a person can have a real and practical overview of oneself. It sounds easy to pin point our own strengths and weaknesses, but recalling the views of your colleagues, directors, fellows, teachers, etc. about you can help you transform your weaknesses into your strengths. All these factors would aid the building of content for the development and marketing of your brand.


3. What kinds of characters have you played in your existent repertoire?


Although this question does not right away deal with your personality, but it would certainly reflect your potential and the type of stage persona you possess. Are the characters contained in your artwork collection happy, humble, hysterical or distressed? The answers to such questions would enable you to define the direction you are willing to work into, and would definitely impact the overall design of your website. Possessing a certain character would be reflected by the artworks, fonts and poses on your social media.


4. What do you admire the most about other singing brands?

An outcome lacking research-work is usually of little use. You must scrutinise the ideas and designs developed by other singing brands on their websites and carefully notice minor details about them. Start noting down your viewpoint reviewing your first glance over other singing websites, so that incorporation of such positive and elimination of such negative aspects on the social media of your brand becomes clearer and much more hassle-free for you.


5. Do you have a slogan?

A slogan is basically a concise and compressed version of your overall aims, objectives, goals, strategies and area of expertise. Having one such impressive slogan would not only make the face of your brand more appealing, but more importantly it will keep encouraging you in making your aims and objectives and close reality. The slogan of your brand must be brief but inclusive, and should reflect your zeal in working in this industry. Putting your slogan on at such a place where you keep viewing it on and off would serve as a dose of daily stimulation and motivation.

Putting in some extra efforts in answering the above mentioned questions of introspection may seem a time-consuming task, but following these steps would lead you through your way to success in the career of singing. Utilising your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses through this process would help you to create a brand which appears to be very professional, conducive and prospering. Considering the existence of exuberant competition in the singing industry, adoption of innovative and dynamic schemes is the need of the hour.

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