5 Revelations In “Chasing Happiness” About Jonas Brothers That’ll Leave You Dumbfounded

Ragini Juneja

As the famous brother trio has reconciled, such restoration has led to the launch of a much celebrated Amazon Prime documentary by the name “Chasing Happiness”. The documentary primarily features the JBros and their musical journey along with a quest to answers relating to their dissociation and other challenges.

While this documentary reveals various unknown yet fun incidents and involvements in the journey of the boys, following are the 5 most astonishing things divulged in the documentary that we bet will leave you taken aback:

1. Their Disney channel show “Jonas” is their biggest regret:

When it comes to the boys playing a drinking game and babbling out the truth, the season 2 of their Disney channel sitcom by the name “Jonas” till-date remains to be their biggest guilt trip. The boys believe that the show led to stunting their growth as it prevented them from evolving. They have realized that the show represented their lives to be a lot less cool than how it really was which also affected public minds.


2. The church had them shut out:

After getting signed, the newly formed band of the brothers was envisioned as a punk-rock band. Also, their father being a pastor of the church opened all doors of judgment and disapproval. Issues started popping up when the band started composing and singing about girls. Bitterly, the family even lost their home subsequently. But this didn’t quash the musical spirit of the boys and they achieved an attractive record deal with Disney.


3. Nick was bonkers about Miley Cyrus:

Who doesn’t have a worth dying-for teenage crush? The documentary has revealed that Nick was all head over heels for Miley Cyrus. After the Jonas Brothers made a cameo on Hannah Montana, the definition of love for Nick had been altered and he had deeply fallen for Miley Cyrus which enabled him to write on the subject of love.


4. Diagnosis of Nick’s diabetes left the boys shattered:

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As the boys were packed with rigorous tour and performance schedules, Nick started manifesting some appalling symptoms like excessive moodiness and agitation, escalating into immoderate weight loss and unquenchable thirst. Soon he was diagnosed with diabetes and the prospective career in music flashed in front of the boys, which led them to decide to keep this fact unknown to the media and public. This moment was so horrifying for the brothers as Joe even passed out in the hospital room after seeing Nick hooked up to the wires.


5. Splitting up of the band was pure wreckage:

It was in 2013 when Nick stepped in and initiated the whole quitting story which was a result of the unhappiness and dissatisfaction prevailing amongst the band of boys.  Nick has confessed how panic attacks hit him up the night before such confrontation. Joe was most severely impacted as he totally shut down and the moment due to his adamant belief in the unity of the brothers and how they could sustain anything if together.

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