5 Tips For Musicians To Use Twitter As An Ultimate Marketing Tool


With 500 million tweets a day, 100 million active daily users, and more than 300 million accounts, Twitter is the essential place for musicians to build up their brand.

With the presence of the accounts many world leaders, top agencies, and most top celebrities of the world, more than half of the top 10 most-followed accounts on Twitter belong to musicians. Read these tips to turn Twitter into your ultimate tool.

1. Use Hashtags Wisely:

Twitter is one of the pioneers of popularizing hashtags. You can already know what everyone is currently talking about by looking at the trends. If you want to increase the reach of your tweets or participate in new discussions, use the trending hashtags. It is also a good way to increase interactions. However, you should definitely keep your brand image in mind before you tweet. You can also use these trending hashtags to market your own brand.


2. Separate your Personal and Public Accounts:

If you are a general Twitter user on a personal basis, make a separate account for your brand. This is mostly a personal choice, but just as professionals have separate business and personal profiles, so should you. There might be times where one may want to comment on their own personal views on politics, religion, and general life opinions. These should preferably be put out using a private account in order to avoid controversies and protecting the image of your brand.


3. Avoid Responding to Negative Tweets:

Remember the phrase “haters gonna hate”?  The more famous you get, the more exposed you will be to negative comments or hate. Especially on social media platforms, such as Twitter. You must act like a professional or be the bigger person and void any such responses that may tarnish the image of your brand. However, there have been instances where controversies have actually lead to an increase in fame or even admiration. For example, artists such as Kanye West, Cher, Cardi B, etc. are famed for starting controversies on Twitter.


4. Write a Fitting Bio:

One of the first things that people will notice on your Twitter profile is your bio. You are allowed a maximum of 160 characters to form the perfect bio. Try to be unique witty or even humorous. Your bio should reflect the kind of brand image you are looking to give out. Your bio also has good Search Engine Optimization powers, which means you can use certain keywords may help people search for you on Google on Twitter. Show your creativity!


5. Interact and Socialize:

The ability for people to easily interact and re-tweet each other is a huge plus point on Twitter. Ensure that you engage with your audience, read their views, you can even personally respond to some of them. This engagement will assist in building an online community. Twitter is also a great place to interact with other musicians and professionals. You can start friendships and even end up collaborating!  Depending on the image you want, you can also span out and re-tweet things related to different topics other than your brand to mix it up.

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