5 Uncommon Facts About Imagine Dragons You Probably Didn’t Know

Ishita Kapoor
Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons is one band for which we wouldn’t mind spending dollar bills for attending their concerts and gigs.

Witnessing their live performances makes us feel elated and flushes energy in our body. It is probably one of our favourite bands because of its talent, but we bet you did not know about the following 5 facts about Imagine Dragons which will make you fall them all over again:

1. They have their very own mobile game on IOS by the name Stage Rush:

Yes you heard that right, Imagine Dragons has a game called Stage Rush which is available to be downloaded on IPhones only. As the band originally belongs to Las Vegas, the game features the players running as the members of the band through Las Vegas and Paris while unlocking new levels.


2. Their actual name is Anagram:

We are still as surprised as you are. Unbelievably, the band was originally named Anagram. However, the well-renowned band itself claims that it is not aware of the origins of such name.


3. Dan Reynolds did not go to Berklee School of Music:


As it is mostly understood by the people as an assumption without any hesitation that Dan went to Berklee School of Music, its high time when we should reveal that Dan actually went to Brigham Young University instead.


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4. Dan Reynolds has three kids with Aja Volkman, who herself is a singer:

Aja Volkman was the lead singer in a band called Nico Vega. However, she was recently found to be working on a solo project. She shares three children with much-loved Dan Reynolds.


5. Dan wrote “It’s Time” in his kitchen, while he was suffering from depression:

Dan has opened up to Billboard about his struggle with anxiety and depression. While he was willing to overcome such mental illness, Dan went across writing a song to express his confined and blazing feelings.

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