6 Surprising Things About Madonna That Truly Make Her Splendid At 60!

Alia Smith

Madonna can be simply be described by emphasising that she continues to be splendid at 60. The throne has been possessed since past 30 years by the Queen of Pop i.e. Madonna who never misses a single chance to flabbergast you by taking your breaths away.


The modern pop diva walks ahead boldly and unbeatably in the industry with her ultra-progressive and creative approach. Being an obliged part of the year in which this legendary popstar turns 60, it would be our gesture of thanksgiving to recollect 10 facts about Madonna which probably were unknown to you:

1. What is Madonna’s real name and birth place?

Although she is popularly known as just Madonna all over the world, but her real name is Madonna Louise Ciccone, and was born in Bay City, Michigan on August 16th, 1958. Thanks to her mother whose name was also Madonna, she was also referred to as “Little Nonni” in order to distinguish her from her mother. Madonna never was very fond of her birthplace as she had once referred to her hometown as a stinky one in Northern Michigan on national television.


2. What brought Madonna to this world?

She is one of the 6 children which her mother had out of which only Madonna was named after her mother. Unfortunately, Madonna’s mother died of breast cancer when the future popstar was of an age as tender as 5 years.


3. How was Madonna’s journey of education?

She was an excellent student who attained a dance scholarship to the University of Michigan. But she made the first move to her successful career in 1978 when she decided to drop out of college and move to New York City with merely $35 in her pocket. While studying at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, Madonna did many menial jobs in order to make a living, including a job at Dunkin Donuts.


4. What does Madonna’s personal life reflect?

She has continued to be a vegetarian since the age of 15 and has persistently claimed to dislike the colour orange. She suffers from brontophobia which is a fear of thunder and lightning. She was married twice, to the famous actor Sean Penn in 1985 and British Director Guy Ritchie in 2000. She has 6 children, out of which 4 were adopted. She utterly loathes the flowers Hydrangeas. Owing to her mother’s French-Canadian ancestry, Madonna is a distant relative of Celine Dion.

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5. What were Madonna’s firsts?

“Everybody” was her first single which was released on October 6th, 1982. Having been released 13 albums already, her debut album was named “Madonna” which was released in July 1983. She has appeared in 19 films so far in her career, however her first ever film role was a cameo as a singer of a club in a movie called “Vision Quest” which was released in 1985.


6. When did Madonna come to the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

She was nominated to receive a star in Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1990. However, she barely expressed any interest in such nomination and thus leading to expiration of the invitation to the same.

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