6 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Cardi B

Alia Smith

The 25-year old prospering Bronx-born star Cardi B is tremendously renowned for her extraordinary talent of rapping and immensely inspiring success story and she has already set her firm foot in the music industry.

Her success is not only reflected by the appreciation she receives from her lofty number of followers, but also by being rated as the most entertaining A-lister in lieu of her “no-filter” approach. Before landing on to the throne of the Billboard, Cardi B has gone through various phases of life which had let her gain splendid exposure and experience. For your insights, we have brought you 6 things about this voguish rapper that we bet you didn’t know:

1. She grew up with the name Belcalis Almanzar:

Prominent by her nom de plume Cardi B, only a few people are aware of her long yet real name which is Belcalis Almanzar. Her name is originally Spanish and is an amalgamation of the meaning Queen of Sheba and watchtower.


2. She doesn’t know how to drive:

While Cardi B can throb your hearts away with her rapping skills, she never tried her hands at learning how to drive. As a consequence, she never did or has a driver’s license. For it, the famous rapper has explained that her constant hustle since childhood in trains did not let her pursue driving. It is ironic to note how she charmingly flaunted her new Lamborghini symbolizing her success lately. After all, such charm and confidence despite of being unfamiliar with driving can be carried on by Cardi B only!


3. Her stage name originates from Bacardi:

While most stars have the origins of their stage names lying in their actual names, Cardi B has an exclusively unique story behind it also. Her sister was named Hennessy, after which everyone around started calling her Bacardi, which actually proposed and pitched the idea of naming herself Cardi B in her head.


4. She had worked as a cashier at an Amish market:


What we see on social media screens is just the jeweled and luxury phase of Cardi B’s life. It’s unknown to most of her fans that the very triumphant star has earlier experienced working as a cashier in an Amish market while receiving a  weekly pay of 250$.


5. She also worked briefly at a strip club:

On the suggestion of her market manager and when he appreciated her beauty and great body shape, Cardi B tried her shot in an entirely new career path. She went to a strip club across the street called New York Dolls at the age of 19 and started performing there. The rapper has also opened up about the fact as to how she used to lie to her mother that she babysits in order to pay off her bills instead of breaking it to her that she is a stripper. Surprisingly, the stripping career enabled her to save up for the requisite investment to be made by her in the music industry and eventually landed her up in the glorious present.


6. She underwent her first plastic surgery at the age of 19:

With the hopes of making more money as a dancer, Cardi B underwent her first ever plastic surgery at an age as early as 19. However, she has often casually spoken on social media about the widespread criticism she has received for having been indulged into any cosmetic procedures in the past.

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