6 Things Your Voice Can Predict About Your Personality

Ragini Juneja

Your voice not only vocalizes your feelings, but also expresses and communicates various personality traits that you possess. Here are 6 attributes about your personality which are signified by your voice.

  1. How dependable are you?

The subtleness and command in your voice is directly proportional to how trust-worthy you are. Trustworthiness is a personality trait which can be another person’s major adjudicating criteria. For example – whether you can be relied upon while assigning massive assignments and projects is dependent on the amount of trust and faith your voice can attract.


  1. Do you have stable relationships?

The manner in which you talk with or about a person related to you, like your spouse, parent, sibling, friend, etc., denotes the stability of your relationship with them. The tone, jitter and pitch of your voice indicate the firmness and standing of your relationship.


  1. What have you accomplished in your career so far?

It’s not just your body language that talks your success out, but it is also your voice that makes or breaks your professional career. The concentration of confidence and boldness in your voice in a public speech immensely marks positive attributes about your career.

As per a Duke University and University of California, San Diego study, male CEOs with the lowest voices earned an average of $187,000 more and led companies with $440 million more in assets when compared to higher-voiced counterparts.


  1. What is your height?

Listeners can determine the height of the speaker by merely listening to their voice as their voice is a directing factor. Usually, taller people have low voice, as compared to short-height people, due to the larger lungs and lower airways that they have. This results in assessment of the personality of the speaker by means of the voice the listener hears.


  1. Can you take charge?

Your voice by means of your public speaking and reading skills signify the authoritativeness that you possess. The frequency of confident modulation in your voice signifies whether you can handle assigned responsibilities or not. Lesser the monotony in your voice, higher the confidence.


  1. Are you romantically interested?

People have a tendency to involve more emotions and sensations while talking to someone whom they are romantically interested in, as compared to a platonic friend. This is a determinant feature present in your voice by which one can detect your interest in the other people.

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