5 Tips Every Singer Should Adopt for a Healthy Voice

Ragini Juneja

One of the most popular contemporary classical composers, Arvo Pärt rightly said, “The human voice is the most perfect instrument of all.”

People make a lot of evaluations about you when they hear your voice, so it’s necessary to see what are you making people hear when you are singing or even speaking.

While you aim to become a singer, a lot of you usually overlook the exhaustion and fatigue faced by a singer, while being engaged in assessing merely what we see supposedly. But taking care of your voice, especially when you are practising professionally in this field, is of utmost importance.

We have thereby compiled a list of 6 vital things which every singer must incorporate in their daily routines for the well-being of their voices:

  1. Stay hydrated:

Singing involves constant switching of pitches which leads to rapid vibration of your vocal cords, eventually leading to loss of friction and also damaging the vocal cords. Lubrication of your vocal cords by maintaining proper water intake would lead to less wear and tear. Also, avoiding caffeine and alcohol will add to the longevity and sustainability of the spark in your voice.

  1. Take vocal naps:

For the times when your vocal cords are not being used professionally, try to cause minimal strain to them. Taking short vocal naps of short durations by giving complete rest to them via absolute inactivity would calm your muscles and improve the quality of your performance.

  1. Choose humidification:

Install humidifiers at your home and workplace, as a moist environment is most suitable for the well-functioning of your vocal cords. Humidifiers would prevent your vocal cords from getting harsh and dry, making them less prone to throat infections also. It is crucial to remember that the more moister your surroundings provide, the healthier the vocal cords!

  1. Abandon the tar:


Smoking is one thing which is absolutely uncalled for in this profession and something which a singer shall unquestionably abstain from. And if one is already a victim of such a habit, one must restrain from it immediately. The tar which gets infused in your lungs manifolds the risk of throat and lung cancer, and also damages the vocal cord with the lethal components present in the smoke that is inhaled via the throat.

  1. Relax your neck and throat muscles:

Most singers engage in tilting of their necks depending upon the pitch of the music, i.e. a high pitch would impulse neck tilting upwards and a low pitch would impulse the neck tilting downwards. However, it has been studied that such movement of the neck can cause undue pressure on various points of the body, which would affect the quality of voice. Therefore, a singer must ensure that the neck and throat muscles remain relaxed during vocal engagements in order to avert any future damage.

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