Angie Mcmahon’s Voice Is Packed With Enough Emotion To Let It Pierce Through Your Heart

Ragini Juneja

Angie McMahon is an Australian musician and singer-songwriter who began her journey from Melbourne by performing in a nine-piece soul band called The Fabric.

It was only after such band participation that McMahon began with her solo career and touched great heights of success. at the beginning of her career in music, she opened for Bon Jovi on the Australian leg of Because We Can Tour, for which she had to manage to win a Telstra competition in 2013 in order to bag such a prestigious opportunity.

McMahon’s passion for music was ignited in a very unusual way while she worked at a local bar in Melbourne. As musicians came and go, she made friends with them and later became the booker. Her career in music kickstarted only when the number of events she was booked for as an artist overruled the number of shows she booked as a booker. 

Undoubtedly, McMahon’s music has a mesmerizing feel of its own, but her songs are sometimes also touched by her love and passion for food, especially Pasta. She actually dedicated an entire song to pasta, aptly titled “Pasta”, in her debut album, which she named “Salt”. No wonder the first google result that comes under her website is “I’m 90% spaghetti Bolognese”. However, the song “Pasta” is an indie-rock psalm which exposes a wanderer’s emotions and emphasizes on the feeling of being lost.

At an age as young as 25, McMahon has already achieved big things in life, like opening for commendable artists like Father John Misty, Bon Jovi, the Pixies as well as Alanis Morissette. Not only has she shared the stage at Willie Nelson’s Ranch with Mavis Staples, but “Salt” flashed brightly at number five on the Australian music charts.

Just how every famous personality longs the feeling of being in solace and peace for some time while all the camera flashes and fans are at rest, such tendencies have started approaching McMahon as she strongly desires to have some time to herself.

“Conversations and photos and interviews and album reviews and album artwork—I’m craving going back to being really internal, and just sitting in my own silence. And my own songs.”

As her show at the Rockwood Music Hall on the Lower East Side is clearly receiving appreciation and headlines, it is solely because of the sociability and friendliness possessed by McMahon that enables her to take an outstanding spirit to the stage while she charmingly carries her out of the box apparel choices.

A show being executed by McMahon is incomparable to any other show as she sways from one corner of the stage to another while filling the entire room with passion and exasperation. Her excitement is exhibited by the transitions in her voice from peacefully gentle and soft whispers to snarls of fury. All of this gets highlighted when she steps on the stage wearing a pink satin top with high-rise jeans along with a cherry red Harmony guitar which makes her look bewildering.

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When it comes to exploring her own cup of tea, everything in close proximity with the heart and emotions is suitable for McMahon. She delivers aching and deep notes of nostalgia with her voice that is very well capable of giving the listener goosebumps.

As she soars, she sees herself as an inclusion in the brand new female singer-songwriter wave, acing the music industry with her mesmerizing voice that is filled with deep emotions and touchy sentiments.

“Those are the voices that people want to hear. They’re empathetically commenting on all of these experiences and feelings that are so universal,”

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