Ayelle’s Nomadic Approach Of Creating Music

Ishita Kapoor

Amanda Lundstedt, popularly known as Ayelle, is the 24-year old songwriter who is known in the industry for her brilliant amalgamation of electronic music, R&B and Swedish pop.

Her journey ranges to a variety of places as this dazzling musician took birth in Sweden, grew up in Spain, and received her musical training in London.

Her music originally has its roots in both Sweden and Iran, considering the fact that she is half-Iranian and half-Swedish. Having been studied music production in her university days, she has a special skill of creating commendable music out of scratch without necessarily slamming her head inside a computer screen.

As Ayelle has described, her next album shall be based on her nomadic tendencies and how living and settling up in variety of different places has resulted her having an expanded musical domain. The idiosyncratic part of her upcoming album shall be her writing the songs while being present in different countries inspired by her lasting in a specific place for not longer than a month.

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Music and song-writing has been a crucial element of Ayelle’s life since the age of 5 when she newly learnt how to write. Her core objective behind creating music remains to let people relate to it and connect with its vibe. After all, for her, music has always been a medium through which she could let her suppressed emotions out and end up with a lightened soul.

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