BABYMETAL’s Debut At The Glastonbury Festival And New Album ‘Metal Galaxy’

Ishita Kapoor

Japanese pop-metal sensation, BABYMETAL has recently indulged into their Glastonbury debut which turned out to be an enriching experience for them and has gained a precious meaning in BABYMETAL’s life.

Glastonbury at first was a festival that filled the BABYMETAL with nervousness, however, it did not take long enough when the band started the hands and pitches of the audience rising up in the air as they connected with the music. The band was also delighted after witnessing the bewildering performance of Bring Me The Horizon at Glastonbury, and elatedly looked forward to Billie Eilish’s performance. 

As the band has itself stated and experienced, Glastonbury is a stupefying festival which stands out for itself, while being incomparable with any other metal and rock festival. BABYMETAL having been achieved great heights, still has faith in Glastonbury being one of the largest festivals in the world and believes that artists still crave playing there. Just like other aspiring artists, BABYMETAL has always wanted to play at this festival and still believes as if it’s a dream yet to be accomplished.

BABYMETAL has lately revealed its excitement about their possibility of working with Bring Me The Horizon, which is undoubtedly a sublime opportunity for them. BABYMETAL has always been under immense adoration towards Bring Me The Horizon, and the latter itself has always sung the praises of BABYMETAL over the years. In fact, Moametal has himself stated that he totally respects the Bring Me The Horizon and would love to collaborate with them.

The band had appeared on The Other Stage as well while playing a remarkably startling set of hard rock, pop, and choreography.

However, BABYMETAL has undergone various changes lately on account of their bandmember Yuimetal exiting the band in 2018. But despite of such departure, the bond between Su-Metal and Moametal has strengthened ever since, which has led to the upcoming release of BABYMETAL’s new album “Metal Galaxy”. The bandmembers have closely associated their upcoming album with a toy box as it is an amalgamation of various types of songs.

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Although the album remains due to be released on 11th October but the fans have already got a mesmerizing trailer of the album with the single ‘Elevator Girl’, which is an expression of how BABYMETAL has matured over the past years and how its members have turned into adults.

While the fans would have to wait until the release of “Metal Galaxy”. BABYMETAL has confirmed the details of their first London show since 2016. Also, the metal stars have headlined the O2 Academy Brixton at the beginning of July, making their first appearance in the capital after having been headlined Wembley Arena in 2016.

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