Bill Ryder-Jones Recreation Of His Album Which Only Did Wonders To The Former One

Ragini Juneja

Bill Ryder-Jones is a Merseyside singer-songwriter and former The Coral guitarist who has set his foot in the industry as a solo leader of a life drenched in the expertise of dealing with various and distinct subject matters.

It was recently when this astounding musician decided to do a remake of his past year’s album ‘Yawn’ by recreating it as an assortment of 10 rich heart-breaking piano tracks which touch upon several outstanding notions of mortality, mental health, sexuality and more.

For instance, ‘West Kirby County Primary’ from his former album has now become ‘Daniel’, which is a song dedicated to the devastation faced by Bill after his brother’s death which both of them were young children. Also, ‘John’ has been made into a deeper version wherein the narrator expresses the pain of a character who has left. On the contrary, ‘Yawn’ has been transformed into ‘Yawny Yawn’ by eliminating the distortion from it and substituting it with soft piano ballads to let its mesmerizing lyrics stand out.

On being asked about his sexuality, Bill expressed that he never felt about it as an interesting subject or even a great deal, and has never wanted to engage in it much.

“I certainly wouldn’t consider myself bisexual. I’ve fallen for men; I’ve been with a couple of men. I like women; that’s my bag.”

However, Bill has fallen for the immense beauty of drag and believes that it is a legitimate art form which emerged from the same origin and same time as hip-hop from two unbelievably alike ethnic groups that originate from totally diverse angles. Undoubtedly, Bill has confidence in drag and hip-hop being the most street-powered, realistic punk movements that he has ever come across in his course of life.

“All of whom want to be seen and appreciated but have different ways of expressing it. And if anything I think drag has dated better and done more for the world.”

On being asked whether he confronts a situation where Bill has to convince himself to release a track while he wrote on a taboo subject matter, the stupefying singer responded that he doesn’t bother much about how his songs would be received as his songs do not say things as bad as he has said in person.

“I’ve said things in private, in the past, that could end my career. But life is a journey and people should get second chances.”

Bill is unquestionably fond of the point of success he has reached in his life. However, he won’t mind a little more success!

“If I ever got to the point where I was writing songs already thinking about how they’re going to be received, I’d be 1975. No offense to them!”

As his fourth album is known by the name “West Kirby County Primary’ and photographs of his childhood have been used in both ‘Yawn’ as well as ‘Yawny Yawn’, it depicts that like everyone, Bill misses his childhood although he doesn’t remember much about it. The cover of ‘Yawn’ is a photo of his brother for whom Bill really longs for.

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“I live with two boxes underneath my bed filled with photos of my childhood, which I know inside and out because when I’m sad I look at them ‘cause I wanna connect with my brother, who I don’t know. There must have been a connection – I knew him for seven years – so there’s a hole I want to fill.”

Currently, Bill is also undergoing a very intense and specific therapy called Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprogramming (EMDR) in which one tends to recover long-lost childhood memories in order to bust post-traumatic stress.

“You work at re-finding these memories and then you process them as an adult, rather than as a child.”

However, he did not share a very pleasant experience of being in a bad and said that he doesn’t really miss being in The Coral due to his undesirability of playing someone else’s songs. No matter what he feels altogether about the concept of bands, Bill says that he is really fond of the band The Coral in general and hares a good bond of friendship with them.

Similarly, his experience of working and touring with the Arctic Monkeys didn’t make him want to become one of them at all, but he sure loved the band members and the idea of being paid very well for playing merely three tunes while staying at wonderful hotels.

But – and this is me in a nutshell – after two nights at the Zenith in Paris I caught the train back because I’d rather support The Pastels and Lightships at Islington Academy.”

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