Shubhangi Singh

Ever wondered what a classic Bollywood movie would be like without those peppy songs. Hard to imagine right?  This connection goes back to the early days when the film industry was just beginning to mark  their territory. Viewers were used to seeing music and dance forms in theatre performances. People would take out time from their seemingly busy schedule to visit the theatres and delve into the world of imagination and art.

They enjoyed the musicals and dances thoroughly and looked at it as an escape from reality. Their anticipation to witness something similar grew for the movies as well. As a result, the directors and the makers had to submit to the viewer’s demand. What happened next was not a surprise. Our souls were blessed with some of the greatest melodies of all times. Be it the heart- warming gazals from the late 80’s or the peppy numbers from the 90’s, our emotions would take a summer sault with ever tune that was played.

We’ve seen the journey of the music industry as well as the film industry and we know for a fact that this relationship stands on the principle of mutual growth. A movie is almost incomplete without a good soundtrack. It would feel like a barren land without any moisture. And when an artist gets a chance to sing a song in a movie he/she eventually marks a great height in his career. It is of a popular belief that the craze among the audience for an upcoming movie would be at its peak if the movie has good songs. It acts as a driving force, and is directly proportional to the number of audience the movie would attract.

People turn to art in order to escape from the everyday hustle. They want to engage into something that would provide them tranquility. Music in movies is used to exaggerate emotions and feelings to connect with the audience. Every viewer takes back something or the other from the art they consume. A relatable track helps the viewer to relate and invokes their deep emotion which in turn gives them a surreal experience.

Channa Mereya

Ayan’s heart wrenching pain wouldn’t have reached the audience the way it did without “Channa Mereya” in “Ae dil hai Mushkil”. Jakhar and Heers’s escapades wouldn’t have sparked so many emotions without the song “Kataya Karu”. The inclusion of musical elements as a tool for conveying a story is pivotal for any movie. The combined vitality of both creates wonders and we cannot turn our backs to that.A happy married couple offers support to each other and pushes each other to attain greater heights, and so is the case of music and movies. Existence of one becomes difficult without the other.

Katiyan Karoon


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