Handbook On Marketing & Promotion Of Singers

Ishita Kapoor

Effective marketing strategies can undoubtedly boost your business drastically. However, marketing yourself as a musician can be a tedious and time-consuming task because of the nitty-gritties involved in it. Successful marketing strategies in the field of music are only a result of one’s exposure and expertise which comes either with the passage of time or by following some spot-on marketing strategies.

Marketing has become a very crucial element of your musical entrepreneurial venture because placing all reliance on conventional tracks to the opera career doesn’t really guarantee success in today’s time. Increasingly, even universities have added disciplinary courses on marketing in their academic structures, on realising the significance of marketing in every business venture. With the surge in competition in the music industry, artists must aim on both aspects i.e. their artform and skill as well as their business strategies. Here, we have come up with a 5-Step foolproof master plan for marketing and promoting your musical venture for its limitless success:

1. Trust the motive of your product:

Considering music, there is a hairline difference between passion and motive, no matter how co-related they are. Passion is what you perform and motive is the reason behind such performance. However, both the terms are corollaries to each other and are supplemental to each other. When we bring the term product into the picture, we may realise that incidentally the singer and his art pieces are the products in this industry, and the production of these products are highly influenced by your motive. In order to boost your performance, you must place reliance on what motivates you to sing and where do you see yourself in your future of singing.

2. Invest in relationships:

Your art pieces would not be appreciated until they are acknowledged by a substantial amount of audience. Keeping the audience tuned to your work should be your primary goal so that consistency and trust of audience in you develops. Not merely professional audience, building of other relationships with various people in the industry is a must as at some point or the other, these people of the industry will help your gain better work and jobs.

A musician must believe in the power of encouragement of works of your co-workers and promotion of their events so that a salubrious relationship grows. This will aid the construction of a relationship of mutual cooperation and will help in the expansion of your musical venture.

3. Communication is the key:

Building a network of roused audience is not the final thing that you wanted to achieve, rather what you want to achieve is a consistent and devoted audience. However, attaining that sort of an audience brings a lot of responsibility on a singer’s shoulders. Effective and efficient communication with the audience is a key to the consistency that you aspire. Internet is a very powerful medium which has come into active play in recent times, besides word of mouth or written publications.

Keeping the audience updated about your upcoming ventures, success of past events, sharing of personal stories, etc. builds their interest in your musical venture and keeps them engaged in it. Creation of a mass email system, personalised responses on fan pages, regular posting on Facebook, Twitter and other social media handles, are some vital strategies that must be worked upon in order to make the audience remember and note your presence.

4. Amplify your network:

By this point of this article, each of the reader must have realised the importance of communicating and networking, and how its value cannot be undermined at all. Socialising by attending parties and events, adding concerned people to your friend groups, planning non-work meet-ups, etc. are few ways which can help you expand and diversify your social network. Carrying your business card everywhere would enable people to get to know you more and would also add a tint of professionalism to your interaction. These amplified networks will lead you to surprising and distinguished opportunities in your career.

5. Hunt & capture opportunities:

Welcome all levels of opportunities, no matter how small or how big. These small gigs are the stepping stones to your flourishing career. As your social spectrum swells, the chances of you getting across opportunities increase and it depends upon you who has to hunt and capture these opportunities to transform them into your gateway to success. Accepting and gratifying these small opportunities in the beginning will help you reach a very high pedestal in your future career.

A musical venture is all about building a great audience along with some opportunity-providers who enable you to reach the heights that you desire. Marketing makes these achievements easier, only if undertaken systematically. However, marketing in this field should not be associated with negativity, rather it should be treated as a go-to pathway for expanding and growing. Rescuing all those who are new to marketing, a singer methodically following the above mentioned 5 steps is assured to build a prosperous and affluent career in music.

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