How Does Music & Its Various Genres Influence Your Workout Routine?

Ragini Juneja

An appealing playlist of your own can undoubtedly strengthen and solidify your workout, without even making you realise how rigorous it is getting with ever recurring set.

Music can help you feel motivated throughout and push you closer to your fitness goals, which is surely the reason why there exists no gym or fitness centre in the world which does not play loud music. However, the influential capacity of each and every genre differs and flushes in you distinct amounts of vigour and power. For better understanding, the following points will make the impact of suitable music on your workout more vividly clear to you:

1. Music keeps you energised and moving:

One can without hesitating say that music adds to the value and outcome of a workout session and absence of good music while exercising makes the workout less efficient. It is based on the basic phenomenon that music acts as a constant source of motivation while you strive to achieve your desired body.


2. Tune to specific genres depending upon the type of workout:

No specific genre can be held to be universal when it comes to picking the perfect workout track because the aura that needs to be created while lifting weights is not even remotely similar to that required while you are doing yoga. When you are up for cycling or running, you may turn up fast-paced music in order to push you towards burning of more calories. HIIT, strength and core workouts may be elevated by tuning to some music which has heavy and strong beats. While you are indulging into yoga, you may play some soothing and slow-tempo tracks which will leave your brain cells tranquilised.

According to Labib MalikFitness Coach at a popular gym – ‘Body Mechanics’ and Mr. India 2017, Fast music is meant to increase the intensity of exercising, slow music helps aid with a quick recovery time, while decreasing heart rate and lowering the blood pressure. Some of my favourite workout songs include: Makeba by Jain, Wake up in the Sky by LIT Jawns and Phone by Mickey Singh, Upside Down.

Labib Malik


3. Turn up the music based on your taste and preferences:

The ultimate motive of playing music while working out is to make your time spent at the gym for efficient and productive. While you just follow the herd and tune to some music which you don’t find appealing, it will not bring out the best of you. It’s a golden rule that you must pick tracks beforehand, before even you start exercising, so that music can continue to play as per your personalised choices without even disturbing your workout.

4. Matching the tempo of your exercise and music can lead to better results:

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Just how you plan each workout by beginning from body warm-ups, to cardio exercises, to weight training, to some rejuvenating and relaxing stretches, your playlist should also follow the same pace and order. You must begin with some slow-paced songs and slowly escalate to fast- paced songs so that your body can adapt to the requisite energy input accordingly. Also, you must keep an eye upon the tempo of the music and aim to achieve a balance between the tempo of the music and that of the workout.

For a calming practice, instrumental and slower tempo songs are a good choice,” says Anika Soni, the Yoga Instructor at the ‘Body Mechanics’ gym. “And for a yoga ‘workout class, you can go for faster-paced and up-tempo music including hip-hop, rock or even pop. And if you excel your breathwork, then your breathing sounds can be your perfect music.”

Anika Soni


5. Music helps you zone out from all the distractions:

One very fruitful edge that music has but commonly people fail to notice, is that music enables your mind to stop thinking about the toughness of the working or the number of repetitions which are still due. Music helps you zone out from all the fatigue and tiredness that you have accumulated in your body and rather encourages you to work harder for the attainment of your fitness goals.

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