“I had my first live performance when I was 14” – Natalie Bradfield talks about her Achievements!

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Natalie Bradfield

Editor: Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you entered the music industry?

Natalie Bradfield: My name is Natalie Bradfield. I’m 26 years old and was born and raised in Newark, NJ. My father had been a guitar player from the age of 6. Growing up, I always had instruments lying around the house because of him. Guitars leaning up against bedroom walls, pianos in the living room, bongos and ukuleles as Christmas gifts. It wasn’t until I was 11 years old when I got a John Mayer DVD as my birthday present and decided I wanted to learn the guitar. My father taught me the basics and in the age of technology, I locked myself in my room and the learned the extent of what I know now from watching YouTube videos and playing along to my favorite artists. At 14, I had my first live performance in my brother’s cover band. By 16, I was a permanent fixture in the band, playing rhythm acoustic guitar and singing backup vocals. Not until recently, I have recently branched out on my own to write and perform my own original music, something I would categorize as Acoustic Alternative.


Editor: Tell us about your achievements as a musician

Natalie: In high school, my band had a couple of originals songs play on a local radio station here in New Jersey. But for me personally, to post songs on the internet and have the original artist recognize you, its always a surreal feeling to know that they’ve seen it and more importantly liked it. It has happened a few times but I remember posting an Alicia Keys cover and she reposted it on Instagram and Twitter. I couldn’t believe that I was on her social media platforms. All the followers and beautifully supportive comments that come from it was mind-blowing. It just validates everything that you believe in about yourself. Especially, coming from someone as talented and as big as Alicia Keys.


Editor: Tell us about your songs which have been released until date. Is there a song you feel most proud of? 

Natalie: I released a self-titled EP last year. A short collection of songs that I wrote 5-6 years ago and finally got the songs right to feel comfortable recording them the way that I’ve always imagined them sounding. I’m a big Dave Matthews Band and John Mayer fan so that style definitely rubs off onto the original music. It’s a very jam band driven, the whole saxophone and acoustic guitar solo sections. For the most part it’s pretty upbeat. I like that idea of high tempo music with deeper, darker lyrical content.

My latest single “Hard To Love” is definitely what I’m most proud of up until now. It’s the most mature, most personal, and most honest I’ve ever been about myself and my life. It’s exactly how the title sounds, gut-wrenching and heartbreaking but it’s about love and lack thereof, finding flaws in yourself and blaming them on why a relationship didn’t last.  I think it’s something everyone can relate to.


Editor: What is your dream project?

Natalie: I’ve been writing music since I was 14. For myself, for my band. I’d say it would be a dream to write music for other artists or collaborate with other artists. To see how other people write from their point of view has always been interesting to me. The way someone else hears a melody or takes the song in a certain direction with their lyrics, how they tell a story.


Editor: What would you like people to take away from your music?

Natalie: When I was younger, I wanted to just make radio hits. Something that everyone would love. As I get older, I want to make music that resonates with people. Something that they hear and instantly connect with and makes them think of someone or a certain memory, whether it’s good or bad. Hopefully, people hear that my music goes below the surface and is able to drum up some emotion.


Editor: Which Artists Instagram Stories do you follow and why?

Natalie: I love Julia Michales. She really inspires me as someone who wrote music for major artists like Justin Bieber and then came out with her own material for yourself. And she’s collaborating with what seems like everyone right now! She’s a great role model for young women.


Editor: Who were your inspirations growing up?

Natalie: John Mayer inspired me to learn the guitar but Dave Matthews inspired me to write music. In my opinion, he’s in class and genre all his own. He can’t be compared to any other artist instrumentally or lyrically. I’m also very influenced by Motown and RnB. But mostly Billy Joel and Stevie Wonder growing up. They’re some of the best songwriters of all time.


Editor: Are you into songwriting? What are your main impulses to write about music?

Natalie: I never plan for a song to come out a certain way. As I’m writing music, lyrics just start coming out the way they’re meant to. It’s usually about love, or being brokenhearted. I do tend to write a lot about sadness but these things are all real! It’s what everybody goes through so, I hope it makes it more relatable.


Editor: What is your opinion about One Song? Do you think it’s a valuable platform for the career growth of musicians like you? 

Natalie: OneSong is awesome! It gives average people like me, small accounts like mine, a place for big exposure and to be and feel relevant amongst other artists. The fact that one platform can promote so many different music pages, gives everyone the opportunity to discover and respect each others work.

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