IAMDDB And Her Genre Experimentation That Led To The Rise Of Urban Jazz

Ragini Juneja

IAMDDB, the cross-genre maestro who has excelled vividly in urban jazz is currently one of UK’s most ferociously creative new artists who has achieved abundance of success already with her five commendable mixtapes.

Having been born in Portugal, she has the ability to speak and perform Portuguese as perfectly as she can in English. However, it was only the first 5 years of her life that she spent in Portugal until she moved to UK. After moving to Manchester, UK, she developed a bond so firm with it that she rebranded it as 0161, which is its dialing code.

“I love Manchester, it’ll always be in my heart no matter how much I travel and sometimes it’s important to remind people where you’re from.“

While she has very recently performed at the Sziget Festival, Hungary, which is one of the most colossal multicultural music festivals, it reflects IAMDDB’s inclination towards going live and performing. She believes that indulging into music festivals breaks the monotony as the crowd is never repetitive and it is this factor that exposes IAMDDB to a wide variety of people. It enables her to know the liking and disliking of people more deeply and extensively, letting her understand exactly what the audience needs and thereby performing perfectly.

“You know what, festival crowds are interesting because you never get the same crowd twice, so my thing is just: raise the vibrations and catch a vibe.”

The usual course followed in the music industry is artists attaining fame and accomplishment after them releasing their debut albums, however in the case of IAMDDB, all that she has achieved so far is without the release of any proper album, but merely 5 mesmerizing mixtapes. As per her, she already feels that she has involved herself into a release of 5 albums as she hardly finds any distinction amongst the two. Nevertheless, her efforts and toil on her album are under process and she says that it shall be released in 2020 with extremely fascinating collaborations, remarkable music and a lot of structure as well as organization.

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When it comes to jazz, there always used to be a stigma associated with it, but IAMDDB decided to break through such societal shackles and undertake urban jazz in order to express herself and establish that one can really mix genres stunningly in order to achieve an outstanding result.

“It’s exciting to see people express themselves in all these different ways that all come back to jazz.”

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