Indie Pop Artist ‘Pronoun’ Talks About Her Recent Album – “I’ll show You Strong” & Her Journey So Far!

Ishita Kapoor

Pronoun is widely associated as being one of the best in her league of indie pop and has recently released her full-length LP by the name “I’ll show you stronger”.

This New York-based singer and songwriter whose actual name is Alyse Vellturo pioneers a one-woman band in Brooklyn while advocating the “Summer of Pride” endeavor.

The latest album which has been released via Rhyme & Reason Records is based on a theme which is the root cause of the overall design of her new album i.e. Recovery. With her recent breakup with her former girlfriend, Pronoun ended up learning various deep and crucial aspects of life which led her in composing and singing her LP. Surprisingly, a work as fine as of hers is a self-production which was wholly brought up and completed in her little apartment in Brooklyn.

Although “I’ll show you stronger” has certainly engaged Pronoun with hefty tour schedules all across North America which will end at Brooklyn’s Rough Trade Records in July, but earning the appreciation from one of her heroes made the strive worthy enough for her. It was Chris Carraba from Dashboard Confessional who tweeted and remarked Pronoun’s LP as “one of the best new emo records”.

The young artist’s name which is “pronoun” in all-lowercase leaves the followers pondering as to the relevance of such nom de plume. However, the reason behind such a name is the recommendation of her friend Emmy Black as well as Pronoun’s keen inclination towards the interests of gender-queer and trans-identifying individuals and various pronouns subjected to them.

While being a prodigious artist, Pronoun is a lot more to herself as she has not only attended Berklee College of Music, but also studied various subjects of management and business studies which adds an edge over her grasp of the working of the industry. She plays a dual role in an excellent manner while being a commendable artist as well as a leader of the industry at her day-job at Sony Music’s The Orchard, where she has been serving as a client relations manager since 2016, giving her added advantages of her extensive exposure and experience in the music industry.

Pronoun has successfully incorporated her spirit of LGBTQ activism supplemented with all musical charisma in her latest album while flogging away all possible challenges of this industry which get elevated for a female artist who is spending most of her time touring on roads while identifying the LGBTQ community.

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