“It’s In My Blood To Sing And Perform,” Alia Williams Talks To ‘One Song Magazine’

Ishita Kapoor

Editor: What got you into music?

Alia Williams: My father is an extremely talented bass player and singer. He has performed with great people like Stevie Wonder and the Late Ray Charles, so its in my blood to sing and perform. I was born to do it.


Editor: Describe the transition from when you started singing until today?

Alia: Growing up there wasn’t a lot of extra-musical education or production technology, and projects happen faster these days. The music is way more electronic which is cool but there is a certain beauty in analog sounds and creativity in lyrical content that I have carried through into the modern genres of music today, allowing me to stay true to my essence as an artist but move with the times. I also grew up learning and singing to the old school greats eg: Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston keeping soul in my artistry. 


Editor: What’s your favourite part about this line of work and least favourite? Why?

Alia: My favourite part is performing in front of people and expressing myself through music. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to connect with an audience, to have them feel the emotions while narrating a story. The least favourite in my case is the internal struggle you can face with rejection and constant perseverance to become a recognized performer, to actually be heard on a large scale, though its all part of the journey and makes me stronger and more determined.


Editor: Which Artists Instagram Stories do you follow and why?

Alia: I follow Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce they are a great inspiration to me – multi-talented, incredibly beautiful and highly successful but most of all strong, driven, sophisticated career women.


Editor: What would you think is the key to vocal health?

Alia: The key to vocal health is practicing scales daily, keeping hydrated, lemon and munaka, honey on a down day. Also, exercise and a general healthy lifestyle.


Editor: Any upcoming album or song release you want to share with us?

Alia: I do yes! Stay up to date on my Website: www.aliasound.com or Instagram: @aliasound for release details…My latest tracks are all there too…Go for it. Check them out!


Editor: Do you pay attention to others’ strong reactions to your work? Does that affect what you create?

Alia: I am open to constructive criticism. I think it’s necessary to listen to and take into account others’ reactions at times. Though if you are in touch with yourself and your creativity then you’ll take these opinions as only a guide when creating. Always stay true to yourself and what you intuitively feel is right. You can’t please everyone.

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Editor: What advice would you have for someone waiting to follow in your footsteps?

Alia: As above stay true to what resonates with you as an artist, that will constantly evolve over time…Roll with the punches there’ll be a few. If you truly love what you’re doing it’s the right thing, believe in yourself! If you don’t, no one will and learn an instrument.


Editor: Will the world miss not having your art?

Alia: I’m planning to live a very long life in this world so there’s plenty of time to share my art. Will it be missed….Absolutely! 


Editor: What are your opinions about One Song? Do you think it’s a valuable platform for the career growth of musicians like you?

Alia: I think One Song is a brilliant way to be promoted, it’s a sure way of building a social profile as an artist with a team who appreciate, who you are and want to see you succeed! Highly valuable. Thank you.

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