Rhythm Upadhyay Unveils His Musical Journey To ‘One Song’

Ragini Juneja

Editor: Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you entered the music industry?

Rhythm Upadhyay: I have been singing since I was 8 years old. This was the one thing I wanted to do since my childhood. You can very well get it from my name, which has music in it. I am more into Hindi Sufi and Bollywood style of singing although I have learnt Indian Classical Music as well. Along with the vocals, I do play instruments like Harmonium, Guitar and Piano.


Editor: Tell us about your achievements as a musician

Rhythm: As of now, I am a proud member of a successful running band named PRAHAAR in Delhi. We do shows all over India. Apart from that, I do acoustic shows as well, individually. Haven’t participated in any reality shows yet. Will do it soon.


Editor: If you weren’t a singer/musician, what would you be doing right now?

Rhythm: I hate ordinary things. I cannot just pick up my lunch and go for 9-5 job. I think the phobia of being an average person won’t let me settle for anything less than what I deserve. I cannot imagine my life without music.

I don’t have answer to this question!


Editor: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Rhythm: Chilling somewhere in Europe.


Editor: What would you like people to take away from your music?

Rhythm: Music is a deep ocean. Take away whatever you want. Jokes apart.

Believe in your originality. Industry already has Arijit Singh or Atif or KK etc. So no need to copy them. Keep it real. Keep it simple. That’s what I try to do in my music.

Editor: Which Artists Instagram Stories do you follow and why?

Rhythm: To be honest with you, I do watch the stories of AR Rehman, Tanishk Bagchi, Pritam because they inspire me.


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Editor: Any upcoming album or song release you want to share with us?

Rhythm: I’m working on my ‘Monsoon Medly’ and best of ‘Rahat Fateh Ali Khan medley’ for YouTube.


Editor: Who were your inspirations growing up?

Rhythm: A.R Rehman. Sonu Nigam. Shreya Ghoshal. Also, Arijit Singh and Tanishk Bagchi.


Editor: Is there any particular advice you would give to up-coming vocalists?

Rhythm: Be original. Keep it really simple and short yet attractive. No need to show your entire talent in just one song with a lot of variations in it. Try to hit the notes straight instead of showing a lot of vibratos.


Editor: What is your opinion about OneSong? Do you think it’s a valuable platform for the career growth of musicians like you? 

Rhythm: It surely is. I am a regular client of One Song. Ask Mr. Varun Taneja. Haha 😁

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