Octavian: The London Star Who Went From Homelessness To Winning The BBC Music Sound of 2019!

Ragini Juneja

Octavian is a 23-year old musician who was born in Lille, France but raised into a young, solo and unpredictable man in London.

At the mere age of 14, he was thrown out of his mother’s house and today he is named as the winner of BBC Music’s Sound of 2019.

Making the best use of his struggle phase, Octavian used to work till late nights with Rex Kudo in the studios, while also collaborating with his childhood hero Skepta. Despite of his career taking turns in London initially, he conceived the idea of his latest mixtape Endorphins in Los Angeles which is a place Octavian can never forget about as it was Los Angeles where he shot music videos in convertibles, bought an electric guitar and spent an absolutely insane week with his friends in Chateau Marmont.

Octavian is the figurehead of Essie Gang, which is basically a bunch of like-minded visual artists, producers, and friends, mainly belonging to Southeast London. The members of the Essie Gang have never missed a chance of influencing not just Octavians music, but also his personality, style, and attitude.


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When Octavian left his home and decided to move to London at the age of 14, he carried nothing but an open mind who was seeking opportunities and open avenues. His initial skirmish was filled with learning bare street smartness and the art of socializing with random people, teaching Octavian the perseverant lessons of life and how one has to keep going relentlessly.

“Keep going, man. Don’t give up because pretty soon you’ll be in LA doing interviews!”

On being asked about the reason behind him naming his mixtape Endorphins, Octavian replied that the title is inspired by his ideology of life and what he believes in. He says that endorphins to him are the happy side of his darkness and anything like drugs, sex or rock’n’roll may cause the release f endorphins in one’s body.

“My life is yin and yang, it’s dark and light, it’s always constantly that, and I feel like this mixtape is putting that into perspective.”

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Having been closely connected with work relations with Spooky Black, Octavian emphasizes on how he has since his childhood been his fan and has admired his style and personality. He has been Octavian’s favourite artist since the age of 14 when he started tuning to his work and never looked back.

Speaking of his the most important song that he has ever worked upon, Octavian strongly believes that it was “Party Here” as this very song is all about him talking about the opposite of paranoia i.e. pronoia.

Paranoia’s being afraid of achieving shit and pronoia is not being scared. That song was an example of pronoia and that’s what I live by.

Lately, Octavian has been nominated for Best New International Act at the BET Awards, which is a supremely incredible moment for his as he genuinely feels enormously appreciated after such nomination. Not just this, the list of achievements of Octavian continues, and he aims to achieve greater heights of success with the upcoming release of his album which he says is an expression of art which would leave the audience immensely mesmerized.

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