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Free Consulting

With FREE Consulting from our experts, you can easily boost your online presence.

Get your music heard!

Viral Song Release Campaign

We provide both build up and launch strategies based on your artist profile, journey, and goals. Not just this, we also cover all trending social media platforms for an artist such as - Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Artist Interview

Media Coverage is the key for artists to be known, to be talked about and to be recognized.

Not to mention, interviews and reviews are a vital part of your press kit.

Our editor conducts a personalized interview to bring out the best in you for an interactive, knowledgeable and engaging interviews to be added to your portfolio.

Instagram Viral feature

Be seen directly by our network of over 200K followers. With a leading Global Instagram community, One Song has gotten great results for thousands of artists whose followers list has increased with time.

Instagram Visual Story-Telling

With the right combination of story-telling and aesthetics, that’ll hit right in the bull’s eye, let us transform your Instagram feed.

Influencer Marketing

Maximize your impact! If you’re an influencer (have minimum 30k followers), we’ll connect you to brands for relevant brand campaigns.

Facebook Viral feature

With lakhs of fans in our community, we ensure that our services are top notch. At One Song, our in-house team of social media experts help you increase the number of fans you have, get your music heard and boost sales of your upcoming release. So why not start today?

Whether you are new to the music industry or a platinum disc holder, our ‘targeted content virality campaigns’ are perfect for you. We run Targeted ads for the best response and growth of your Facebook fan page. Focussing on shares and popularity is what we are pro at! Pro Tip: Facebook Virality attracts media attention in a unique way. Let us help you plan the same.

Youtube Viral promotion

From brainstorming to idea implementation, we've got you covered when it comes to planning a Viral promotion on YouTube. Our mission is to unveil the potential of human innovation—by delivering this opportunity to a million creative artists, so they get to live off their art and billions of fans are inspired by it.

Youtube is the portfolio of an artist and we have helped 1000s of artists deliver millions of views for trending campaigns on Youtube on a daily basis. We help you grow their Youtube subscribers with generic Adword views. We offer free Instagram and Facebook Boost with custom Youtube package. Contact us for a custom quote. Basic SEO intelligence and keyword analysis will be covered at no extra cost.

Magazine feature

Quality PR helps an artist in an overall recognition throughout the industry, covering your life story and growing a fan base.

One Song understands the importance of building your audience which is why we work with the best strategies.

With our audience in millions and our art to use storytelling in the right way, we guarantee the success of your release.

Public Relations

Wish to get more exposure for your music releases(old and new), get it heard by more people and have more impact - look what we got!

We work with multiple key media outlets worldwide, ensuring the best coverage.

Social Media Strategy

Custom campaigns are crafted to grow your presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Artists Branding

Unique Branding is vital for any artist to stand out among the countless others. A cohesive branding not just showcases your image, but also appears on all your marketing platforms - be it social media, offline posters, covers, merchandise, flyers etc.

Having a strong brand image will make your audience and producers more interested in you, making you more desirable for bookings. We at One Song design high-quality, professional Brand Identities for artists and other creatives to help them market and grow their brand. Designed from scratch, our brand identities are customized exclusively as per your needs.


Take your reel from good to awesome!

Looking to boost your music portfolio? Let us help you.

We create the best digital portfolio for artists like you.

Custom Website

We design websites for independent artists and musicians which helps them grow their brand and reach the targeted fanbase.

We work on a custom design which syncs with the artist journey and goals. Seamless website development is followed!

Artist App

Because why wouldn’t you want your own customized professional app? An app is the latest way to connect with your fans and allow them to stay connected with what’s happening in your world. We at One Song help you create a customized app for yourself as a musician/artist or band – both for iOS and Google Play store, catering to your fans worldwide.

For any queries, please contact us at: varun@onesongmagazine.com or Whatsapp us at: +91-9667805147

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