Pitbull’s Life Mantra Of Embracing Failure To Succeed

Ragini Juneja

Who hasn’t tuned to the remarkably venerable tracks of the famous Miami-based rapper Pitbull?

His music fills us with vigour and zest to an extent that our feet start losing control and start matching the beats of his songs. While none of us would be aware of the actual name given to him i.e. Armando Christian Pérez, he stands immensely renowned worldwide by the name Mr. Worldwide, due to his global presence, or by Mr. 305, due to his strong roots in Miami and the area whose pin code is 305. It’s a common sight to catch Pitbull enjoying his work and having a wonderful time on-stage while charmingly having on a pair of aviators.

Pitbull has always been classifying his journey of life to be a normal one, without considering petty issues as real problems. He says that he has faced things in life which any other ordinary person would have faced. However, he certainly ha opened up about how him living in Miami ended up impacting his upbringing. Miami in the 80s was basically the cocaine capital wherein entrepreneurism was at its peak. Pitbull claims to have observed and absorbed such trading skills closely, with the only difference of having an entirely different product of his own i.e. music.

He has always advocated the statement “Why dream when you can live it?”, which signifies his foundation of life. Pitbull is a clear personification of this mantra as he started off his musical journey with nothing in his hands and meaning nothing to Miami. However, it was his years of hard work and dedication that he ended up being the “son of Miami” after being associated with the name Mr. 305.

Pitbull’s recent endeavour reflects him voicing Uglydog in the upcoming animated movie called Uglydolls. It is about a group of ugly dolls who eventually accept their imperfections in anticipation of finding a child who will love them.

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The life full of success, fame and luxuries which we observe on the face of it is a result of number of failed attempts made by Pitbull in his early days. Just how Rome wasn’t built in a day, similarly it wasn’t an easy achievement of Pitbull of accomplishing 10 studio albums with a sale of 65 million records globally, or launching his own clothing line, or running his own Miami Beach restaurant, or having his own film and television production company, or opening ample number of charter schools.

Pitbull’s go-to approach of tackling all tough things in life is to embrace failure and admit it. It is upon such acceptance and admission that one can make a strong comeback. It’s all about learning from your past collapses that will boost you to rebuild as failure remains the mother of all success.

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