Reason Behind Singers Like Adele Losing Their Voice Too Frequently

Ragini Juneja

It happened in 2017 when sensational singer Adele had no other option but to cancel her following shows after she performed remarkably at the second show of a sold-out at the Wembley Stadium in front of an audience as huge as 98,000 people during her 123-date world tour.

While Adele claims to have been scuffling with her vocal cords immediately after her first two shows as well, calling off the following shows was something that was strictly directed by her doctor as she had already done much damage to her vocal cords. However, it was not the first time when Adele was undergoing the trauma arising out of vocal injuries. It was just six years ago when her vocal cords suffered a hemorrhage post her performance on a French radio program, which even led her to troublesome consequences of withstanding an extremely delicate and high-risk intervention by means of vocal cord microsurgery.

But the extraordinary zeal and spirit of Adele deserve appreciation here as just after 3 months of her intense surgery, she bagged six awards at the Grammy’s in 2012 and proved that she is prepared with an even better version of an exemplary singer.

The number of artists undergoing these vocal surgeries has been soaring and singers like Adele, Sam Smith, Lionel Richie, Bono, and Cher have also joined Adele in the list of remarkable singers who were encountered by severe vocal injuries and were treated by delicate surgeries.

No matter how strong Adele’s comeback was, the question which must leave you perplexed is that why do singers even suffer vocal injuries too often despite the intense vocal-care routines that they follow. The vocal cords are a delicate component of the human vocal box and require utmost gentle care, especially when such cords are rigorously used at different pitches while air pressure from the lungs is exerted on them.

Adele’s change of pitches in her songs certainly sounds mesmerizing to the ear and soothes the soul, but what repercussions her vocal cords face due to such change of pitch are not positive at all. The drastic shifting between varying amounts of air that the lungs produce to reach the vocal cords impacts the quantum of damage and results in shivering of the vocal cords. Far fetched results of such wear and tear are a failure to produce the desired or appealing voice, thereby resulting in deterioration of voice quality.

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Not just radical switching of pitches, but unhealthy sleeping patterns, stressful lifestyle, inconsistent eating, dusty surroundings, etc also majorly affect the performance of the vocal cords.

In the career of a singer, a vocal-care and healthy lifestyle must be their prime priority as their vocals are the source of satisfaction and income in their lives. Mere relentless efforts towards your goal in order to achieve the zenith of success in the music industry is not sufficient, rather maintaining a balance in life by paying enough and extravagant attention to vocal-pampering is something that will keep you going in the long run. 

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