Rico Nasty: From Selling Drugs To Reaching The Road Of Success

Alia Smith

“Some days I wake up and want to fucking die, but if you want to get your prophecy, you have to work for it.”

Rico has lived a thunderous life to reach the road of success and fame. After she was kicked out of school, she turned out to be selling drugs and then becoming a mother while she was still a teen. But despite all the challenges and obstacles she faced, she is seen touring the world and playing sold-out concerts.

Also, when it comes to utmost self-confidence and fearlessness in an artist, you need not think any further beyond Rico Nasty who is a true inspiration for everyone who suffers from stage fear or performance anxiety.

Be it pulling off modern goth outfits or mohawks, Rico does all this with superlative pride and poise while being supplemented with bold makeup looks.


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After noticing Rico’s on-stage dauntlessness, no one can ever even think that she suffered from pre-performance anxiety and stage fear earlier in her career. But when it comes to facing reality, she actually underwent such nervousness and distress. Notably, it is Rico’s power of overcoming that fear which let her win despite her prior struggle. As soon as she saw the crowd cheering for her while shouting aloud each and every lyric of her song at the top of their lungs, all the anxiety went down the drain, filling Rico with all the zeal and enthusiasm to perform like a superstar.

Truly, Rico’s success is not something that was baked overnight. Rather, her success story involves years of her working hard and toiling just to see herself as an established musician someday in the future. On being asked about one thing which she discovered about herself in all these years, Rico replied that she has noticed that she has always been a little bit scared of everything while being slightly nervous of everything that happens in her life.

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With the breakout of the project ‘Nasty’ in 2018 on which she has been working, the workload on Rico has been multiplying ever since. As Rico’s career as a star is under making, she still encounters moments when she is stuck between the muddles of her professional and personal life. Being a mother of a young one, she faces situations wherein she is unable to devote much time to her family

“I was kind of concerned, and when I would leave, I would feel like I’m not doing my job as a mom because he’s not talking,”

But no matter what is the bet of a family-oriented person, Rico is trying her best to attain a balance between her work and family life, with a supreme focus on her growing son.

As Rico has evolved and grown with each performance of hers, she has inculcated in herself some improved skills which make her a better version of herself on stage. As reflected by her personality while she performs lucidly, she follows the approach of trial and error in her life. She keeps playing with different designs and formats, instead of building on the monotony and giving the audience the same repetitive experience every time she performs.

“I want to bring more structure into my shows sometimes but honestly, people have told me they like the randomness and how crazy it gets.”

So far, Rico has achieved much in her professional life in a very small span of time. When she tries to look down the lane, she feels that she is still basking into it and trying to adapt with the momentum that her work life has gained. All that she sees crystal clear in front of her eyes is her future to be loaded with success and acknowledgment so that it becomes exemplary and worth mentioning by each of her fans.

“Time is literally flying past and all I can think about is the end goal. All I can think about is the end, and making sure everything is super lit when people look back.”

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