Rihanna Desires Of Becoming A Mother And Expresses Her Cluelessness About the Release Date Of Her Upcoming Album

Ishita Kapoor

Despite the several commendable titles that are already associated with Rihanna’s name are of an immensely talented and celebrated singer, an outstanding dancer, eminent businesswoman as well as of a voguish fashion designer.

However, there is one title that has never been accompanied with the leading pop star’s name which is of a mother despite the fact that Rihanna has recently expressed her inclination and willingness to become a mother in her life. Regardless, there has been no word in the air about the same yet.

What we cannot infer about Rihanna after seeing the exhibition of utmost confidence and poise on stage is that she is a very shy person in real life. As everyone has a real yet hidden side to themselves, that concealed side of Rihanna is the shy one filled with the usual insecurities. But as she has lately opened up, having a baby is her greatest desire and she wants it more than anything else in life.

After having insights into Rihanna’s personal life and desires, it must be noted that her work and professional life is her supreme priority and she continuously keeps striving to achieve greater heights of success. However, when it comes to her upcoming album, she has conveyed her cluelessness about its release date as the work on the inclusive tracks of such album still continues. Rihanna has said that working on this upcoming album has been a really fun job for her but she would currently prefer to not hasten up things and wait until all the work of the album is entirely completed.

While not many particulars about Rihanna’s forthcoming album have been revealed, but we may rely upon its possible name to be R9. Surely the wait for it is going to take a while, but we know that the album by the gifted singing queen is going to be worth waiting for.

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