Sammy Boller Picked Up The Guitar At The Age Of 11 And Hasn’t Put It Down Ever Since

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Sammy Boller is a laudable musician from Detroit, Michigan who began to play the piano at a tender age of 4 and the guitar at a young age of 11.

He studied music at the University of Michigan for a year and eagerly joined a rock band named “Citizen Zero”, which succeeded in attaining a record deal with its release in 2016. Sammy has recently wound up his first-ever solo instrumental record which is due to be released later in the current year.

So far in Sammy’s musical career, he has managed to gather plenty of noteworthy achievements. Joe Satriani was Sammy’s hero since his childhood and it was at the age of 19 when he won a guitar contest that was judged by his hero. Lately, Sammy has been touring while doing guitar clinics with Friedman Amplifiers’ Dave Friedman, wherein he got the opportunity to exhibit his solo music for the first time.

“We toured Europe at the end of last year and it was a really great time. We’re going back in the Fall, so I’m really looking forward to that.”

Sammy’s upcoming record release that is lined up this year is probably one thing that makes him the proudest. Of the entire record, the song “Cloak of light” overwhelms him. But leaving all these big career prospects aside, Sammy fantasizes little joys of life and picturizes himself sitting on the river banks of the Ganges in India sipping coffee in the next five years.

While artists may aspire to gain recognition or money, Sammy has unique aspirations of his own, one of which is serving the listeners with a platter of mesmerizing music which is rich in happiness and joy.


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When it comes to heroes, everyone has icons whom they look up to. To Sammy, his heroes while growing up were Eddie Van and Randy Rhoads, although he believes that he is still growing up and evolving.

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Sammy’s approach towards writing music, which is one of his most favorite things to do, is exceptionally authentic and classic. He believes that songwriting comes out best when one jots down on paper what he really feels, as it gives a touch of originality and utmost emotion to the end result.

“It’s hard being that vulnerable sometimes, but someone once told me that in order to move others, you must be moved.”

The piece of advice that Sammy would love to give to aspiring musicians is based on his conceptions of originality, which is to believe in oneself and one’s originality. He trusts that no one else, but solely you can express outstandingly what you really feel.

When One Song asked Sammy about his views upon One Song’s endeavor of making budding musicians grow, he replied saying   “It is a valuable and great site for new and skilled artists like him.”

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