Seb Talks To ‘One Song’ About His Musical Journey, Touring To 19 Countries To Play Music & More!

Ishita Kapoor

Editor: Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you entered the music industry?

Seb: I’m a self-taught musician and since I was a teenager I’ve posted covers and originals online. I began playing pop-punk for a band in Canada when I turned 18 and then a few years later grew into writing pop music whilst being newly influenced by soul, jazz and RnB.


Editor: Tell us about your achievements as a musician

Seb: I’ve been lucky enough to tour all over the world playing music in 19 countries and counting. Releasing a few singles, a couple of EPs and a full-length album through a few different projects. Now I’m venturing into the world of being a solo artist and after already opening for SAINTE’s 2 sold-out UK shows and releasing my first single, I’m excited for what’s to come after I release my next few songs!


Editor: Tell us about your songs which have been released until date. Is there a song you feel most proud of? 

Seb: My favorite song so far is my upcoming single ‘Carolina Blue’ which will be released on September 16th. It’s an honest dive into self-doubt and self-discovery. I pride myself in having a strong positive mindset but I want people to know that even the most positive people have their own battles sometimes.


Editor: Where did you get that confidence to perform on stage?

Seb: Confidence comes from action and when I started I wasn’t confident at all but the more you do things the more comfortable you feel. Now, when I’m on stage, it feels like that is where I am supposed to be. It’s a warped version of my safe place whilst still being extremely vulnerable.


Editor: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Seb: Still playing shows and releasing more music but to a larger audience. Inspiring people through my achievements and my encouragement. I also want to use my platform to help other people grow and teach people the power of compassion and a positive mindset.



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Editor: What is your dream project?

Seb: I have always wished that I did music at school from a younger age so that I could be musically literate enough to be part of a large band like a snarky puppy or something. That seems like so much fun.


Editor: What would you like people to take away from your music?

Seb: I want them to feel inspired and comforted. That feeling of discovering something brand new yet it seeming so familiar like it’s been there all along waiting for you to find it. That’s something that fascinates me.


Editor: Which Artists Instagram Stories do you follow and why?

Seb: John Mayer – no explanation needed.


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Editor: Any upcoming album or song release you want to share with us?

Seb: I have a song coming out on September 16th called Carolina Blue.


Editor: Who were your inspirations growing up?

Seb: My favorite artists were sum41, the offspring, blink 182, linking park and good charlotte so I was very much an early 2000s skater punk and until my early teens that’s all I was interested in. But I think I’m still growing up and now John Mayer and Tom Misch are my 2 guitarist inspirations.


Editor: Are you into songwriting? What are your main impulses to write about music?

Seb:I love songwriting and write something new every time I pick up my guitar. I try not to set out to come up with anything, in particular, I just express what I feel and sometimes create stories that may or may not have personal experiences intertwined within them. I think creating is the most satisfying part of being a musician and it’s inexplicably fun and rewarding to listen to a song that you created, that simply didn’t exist before you had the idea.


Editor: Is there any particular advice you would give to up-and-coming vocalists?

Seb: Sing every day! Warm-up, practice, learn new techniques, practice some more and find your voice.


Editor: What is your opinion about One Song? Do you think it’s a valuable platform for the career growth of musicians like you? 

Seb:It is a cool platform that’s doing a good job in promoting upcoming artists and that’s great!

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