Singing Science: Here’s Why Some People Have Better Voice Than Others!

Ragini Juneja

Being born with the ability to speak is the greatest blessing of all time as it enables one to express their emotions at the ease of merely using their vocal cords.

However, the prowess to sing as beautifully as a nightingale is not possessed by everyone despite everyone being born with the same set of vocal cords.

While the phenomenon of producing sound out of the human body is as simple as the concept of vibration of vocal cords on the application of pressure, not everyone has the potential to play with that skill. When it comes to mesmerizing singers like Adele or Charlie Puth who can undoubtedly sing amazingly at the top of their pitches and leave the audience in absolute awestruck, it was their constant toil and effort as vocalists which is now paying them with all due respect.

Metaphorically, the soundbox of a human body may be related closely to guitar strings, wherein the basic notion remains the same i.e. plucking of guitar strings with greater force would allow the production of higher sounds. Similarly, when higher pressure is applied on the vocal cords, increased air is exhaled out of the lungs, hence emitting a high-pitched and louder sound.

Talking biologically, the larynx is the voice box in the human body whose size cannot be controlled or altered by people themselves, but what people can really impact by making physical efforts is the tightness of their vocal folds. The tightness of the vocal folds is a direct relative of a higher pitched voice as tight muscles of the larynx vibrate faster when pressure is applied, whereas a looser larynx would produce a low-pitched and feeble voice, depending solely upon the choice of the singer.


No matter how much we practice or work hard on our vocals, there would always be some people who re genuinely born with the blessing of a voice as blissful as the beauty of nature. Such an irresistible voice which is innately beautiful is dependent on various factors like the size of the voice box as well as the measurement of the throat, mouth and nasal cavities. These natural factors enable in enhancing the quality of voice, which can be helped or amended by no one but solely by nature.

Nonetheless, consistency of practice and rigorous training is something that can let nobody stay far away from achieving the zenith of success in singing. Also, discovering the most suitable notes for oneself and realizing the perfect pitch by which one can make the best use of his/her voice, are the keys to accomplishment. At last, it is always a healthy lifestyle and salutary mindset, following which you can widen your avenues of greater singing opportunities and transform into an even better version of yourself.

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