Top 5 Instagram Tips For Musicians


Instagram – The leading social media platform for millennials in 2019. With 1  billion active users a month, 4 billion likes a day, and 95 million posts per day, it’s the perfect place for musicians to establish themselves. Here are some tips kick-start your brand’s Instagram journey.

1. Enhancing your profile:

The general Instagram profiles allow you to add a 150 bio and one link. Use an eye-catching and unique bio. You can connect to the contacts on your phone and even the people you know on Facebook. In the settings tab, you can also link to your Facebook, Twitter, and others. You may also try having a theme for your feed and posts. Another way to develop your profile is to switch to a “Business” profile. This switch will allow you to run advertisements, show statistics about your followers and posts, link your account directly to your Facebook page, and give out and receive more details.

In order to set up a business profile, tap on settings > Choose Switch to Business Profile. On the Set Up Your Business Profile page, go through the contract and click “Done”.

Try to keep consistent usernames on your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook profiles since that might lead to an easily accessible and more recognizable brand. Timing is also vital. You can search up the best timings to publish your posts and also get details from your business profile analytics.


2. Cross-Sharing to other Social Media Platforms:

Link your Instagram profile with your Facebook and Twitter Profiles. Even though you don’t want your posts to get repetitive, sharing a post on several social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter will help in increasing the reach of your post. When you cross share your post on Facebook or Twitter, it will not be shown as a separate photo post but as a link to your Instagram post. If overused, this trick may become annoying to fans but is a good way to get followers on several platforms when used appropriately.


3. Hashtags:

While you’re publishing a post, use top hashtags in the caption (30 maximum) so that your photos are easily found. You can also search for the top trending hashtags and also create and popularise your own! Hashtags may immensely increase the visibility of your posts and profile.

For Example: #Musician, #InstaMusic, #UpcomingArtist


4. Stories and Live Streams:

Instagram stories are becoming an integral part of social media. First popularized by Snapchat, Instagram is slowly taking over the story game. Promote your brand and share your daily lives with your follower by uploading stories in the form of photos, videos, other posts, Swipe- up links and boomerangs. You can also add stickers and GIFs to make your stories more interactive and creative!

Instagram Live is also a relatively new and interesting feature. Start live streams at any time and a notification is sent out to all your followers. There is also real-time comments and reactions feed. You may have online performances and even question-answer sessions with your viewers. You can also choose to save the stream so fans can watch it for 24 hours after it has ended. Live streams are a great and personalized way to connect with your followers, make announcements and do promotions!


5. Geotags and Captions:

While editing and publishing a post, Instagram gives you the option of “Geotagging” or adding the location of your post. Geotags are a great way to increase visibility and also add to the contextualization of the post. If anybody around the world searches for that location on Instagram explore, your post will pop up. It may also increase your reach, followers, and opportunities in those regions.

Captions are an integral part of Instagram. IN a way, your captions may reflect upon your personality, image, or brand. Depending on the kind of brand you want to build, your captions can be personal stories, witty one-liners, humor, or anything you’d like to connect with your viewers about.


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