Top 5 Soothing Drinks To Make The Singer In You Feel Pampered

Ragini Juneja

After fully utilizing your vocal cords to their best use, singers often like to pamper themselves with warm and comforting drinks.

While treating yourself with beverages is your absolute go-to, why not indulge in trying drinks infused with different flavours? For your rescue, we have brought a list of 7 delightful beverages that will distress and pacify your vocal cords in minutes:

  1. Sweeten the taste buds with Hot chocolate:

For all the singers who have a sweet tooth, this pleasing drink is an all-time favourite. This combination of cocoa and milk will leave your throat relaxed and mind lightened. So refill your mugs with this amazing drink to cuddle your vocal cords up.

  1. Sip on some Green Tea:

Best known for its high concentration of antioxidants, green tea is a very healthy and rejuvenating drink which will not only benefit your throat, but also your body as a whole. Sipping on this mesmerizing drinks with tinges of honey or lemon will stimulate your taste buds.


  1. Get your Cappuccino brewing:

Coffee is mostly savoured by all as it makes you feel fresh. Snuggling up your throat with a strongly brewed coffee will appease and motivate your taste buds to a better singing performance.


  1. Cream up your Tea:

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This beverage will warm your body up by relaxing all your senses. It can be flavoured with a whole lot of components like cinnamon, hazelnut, caramel, ginger, etc., which will add a twist to its original flavour and also play with your taste buds. Also, adding decent amount of cream milk to your tea will make its quality richer and will soothe your throat excessively.


  1. Apple Cider and Chill:

This drink can be coupled with soda and lemon juice in order to get its best taste. Having a glass of apple cider will take your brain to an autumn-aura wherein where your senses can rejoice in the tranquillity. Although this drink is usually served in an alcohol base, it is not suggested for singers to consume it with added alcohol.

Being a singer, it is immensely important to keep yourself, especially your vocal cords warm. Consumption of any of the above mentioned beverages will bust your stress and give you the comfort that you have been longing.

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