Top 5 Tips To Create A Rehearsal Wardrobe For Singers

Ishita Kapoor

A rehearsal wardrobe is a clear depiction of the grace and professionalism that you possess. In today’s time, window dressing has gained so much importance that it has become one of the influential criteria based upon which, directors, producers, etc. judge the artists.

In order to tackle such situations when you find yourself stuck in a bizarre, and cannot pick the perfect outfit that embraces and reflects your finesse, here are 5 simple steps to follow, following which you can assemble the perfect attire for your rehearsals:

  1. Pick a comfy pair of bottoms:

When it comes to picking bottoms, most of us resist any clothing apparel which is too tight or weighty. It is always the safest to play your hands on a pair of bottoms that you have already been wearing or are aware of its fit, especially on performance days. Dance tights, yoga pants, parallel pants, maxi skirts, etc. are some of the bottom-wear options that can outshine your simplicity and comfort.

Just remember, not to pick anything that makes you look clamped or restricts your free movement.


  1. Top it with style:


If you choose a tight top, pair it up with a considerably loose pair of bottom, and vice-versa. Choosing the perfect top may be tough but a stylish and comfortable t-shirt, tank top or tunic is a go-to which does not require too much effort in carrying it. The choice of top may also vary depending upon your performance genre, like a baggy graphic t-shirt when you are in the mood to rock things up, or a classic and subtle pastel shirt for when you get turned up to blues.


  1. Layer it up:

It is very important to layer your outfit up with anything that you feel comfortable in. It may be a statement jacket, a printed or floral scarf, a classy shrug, a cardigan, or even a cape. Such an additional layer will ensure extra comfort while you perform and will enable you to reflect the apt fashion statement while rehearsing. However, you must not layer yourself up with anything that obstructs your hand movements or hinders your comfort while rehearsing.


  1. Choose your footwear wisely:

Remember that the wrong choice of shoes will make you repent until you exit your rehearsal studio, and the discomfort they cause would be clearly depicted on your face and in your performance. In order to avoid such discomfort, choose tried and tested shoes, which can be sneakers, slip-ons, loafers, sandals or even comfortable heels. There is no prohibition as to heels until and unless they are too high and pointed which may lead you to getting imbalanced.


  1. Play it safe with accessories:

Fancy and weighty accessories often allure us when it comes to coupling your outfit with the perfect accessories. Those chic chokers, boho-neckpieces, statement rings, hefty earrings and danglers, etc. tempt us and make us visualise how great we will look in this complete outfit. But it is crucial to note that while rehearsing, bulky accessories are a strict no-no, and only decent and fine accessories must be worn, which must be the 101 combination of style and comfort. Wearing appealing studs, lightweight neckpieces, and elegant rings and bracelets can help you achieve the desired look.

While a rehearsal is about putting up an appreciable show, it is also efficient communication and networking. Inculcation of these 5 easy things in your rehearsal outfit can let you echo professionalism, confidence and poise that you have been longing, and which will also leave a positive impact in the minds of your team.

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