Top 5 Ways To Stay In Love With The Craft Of Songwriting

Alia Smith

It would be an underestimation of the act of songwriting to consider it merely a profession, rather songwriting is a craft which has to be supplemented with a songwriters’ personalised innovation.

The art of songwriting can be very engaging and alluring, however, the prolonged task of brainstorming and jotting down the best combination of words in order to produce the most captivating song can make a songwriter feel monotonous and dull. In order to keep up the impassioned spirit of songwriting within you, we have brought you 5 ways by which you can make your profession of songwriting more engrossing and delightful:

  1. Keep switching instruments:

Skipping the usualness will let you create results that are afresh and enjoyable. Switching to different instruments rather than the habitual ones that you ordinarily work with can help you beat boredom, and gain all the encouragement to work better. If you ordinarily write on a piano, try writing with a bass or a guitar. This will help your mind function in a different environment, hence bringing out outstanding results.


  1. Read about other songwriters:

It is always a great way to revitalise yourself by gaining inspiration. Reading about other songwriters can help you expand your horizon. This will aid your thinking process in expanding exponentially. Going across the stories and experiences of other people in the same field will enable you to fall in love with the craft of songwriting all over again.


  1. Keep trying new methods of songwriting:

There is nothing to feel inferior about if you are losing your zest for songwriting as a result of following the same conventional methods. One cannot expect premier innovation in every song as a result of following the same method every single time. Therefore, every songwriter must attempt new methods often so that your mind gets turned on with constant activity and creativity. This can include: attempting to write poetry, spontaneous jotting down of words that pop up in your head, playing multiple songs simultaneously, setting time limits for coming up with lyrics, jumbling up of lyrics to rearrange them in a different method, etc. These experimental and productive methods will yield a very unusual and original set of lyrics for your prospective musical hit.


  1. Lyricise an already existing song all over:

This way of sustaining your love for songwriting is very effective as you get the opportunity to build on your creative skills by working on a pre-existing melody. This helps you to understand the chord progressions of the song and work up an even better composition of words.


  1. Ponder upon your achievements:

It is crucial to keep a track on your progress and conduct self-assessment which shall encourage you to strive for more success. When you evaluate your journey since the beginning till the current point, your own accomplishments and achievements will become a great source of motivation for you.

It must be noted that self-analysis works way better than comparing your achievements with those of others. Looking and recalling how far you have come with your own strength and hardship will boost your enthusiasm for your future ventures and never let the zeal for songwriting die in you.

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