‘Weyes Blood’ Places All Her Reliance In Hope To Make The World A Better Place!

Ishita Kapoor

‘Natalie Laura Mering’, who is professionally known as Weyes Blood, is a 30-year old eminent American singer, songwriter, and musician who was raised in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

With her unstoppable passion and spirit of making commendable music, she has already released four albums as well as an EP.

While most singers and musicians follow an approach of expression of emotions like happiness, love, desire, energy, etc., Mering’s art has unique elements present in itself which commonly revolves around climate change, prospective exhaustion of natural resources, and the indefinability of real human connections.

All these exquisite inspirers have led to the coming together of Mering’s fourth yet upcoming album, which goes by the name “Titanic Rising”. One of its mesmerizing components is “God Only Knows” which is surely the gateway to a cordial zone wherein one is able to build a profound connection with the earth and nature, leading to a feeling expressing how we have taken the planet for granted.

The notion that Mering believes in is that humans have a tendency of feeling their smallness when it comes to thinking about colossal issues that we are facing and their underlying gigantic scope. It is this problem that she has attempted to elaborate on by way of connecting musically with the audience on a mass scale. Undoubtedly, the cover art of the album is so evocative that it talks for itself as one can notice Mering piloting a bedroom with a poster on its walls, an open laptop, a teddy bear and just water that is flooding everything entirely.

On being asked whether her music follows an escapist approach as her music revolves around catastrophic issues but culminates into beautiful and touchy music, Mering replied that her sole purpose of making such type of music is to spread abundance of smiles and joy by making people realize the paramount value of life and how it must be cherished by each and everyone, while letting them get sensitized about the practical scenario around them.

“I want people to think about the reality of what’s going on but also to feel a sense of belonging and hope and purpose.”

The fact that her work has a strong emphasis on hope and optimism, it may be pondered upon that how is the current scenario of the world which is continuously deteriorating making Mering manage to stay persistent. However, on that note, Mering believes that such deterioration and regression of the world is the factor which is moving her to write something as influential which can impact on the developments of at least a handful of mindsets. When it comes to climate change, the toughest time for her was when Al Gore released the most impacting documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” which totally rocked her chair and pushed her to come up with something so bold and engaging that people really start taking climate change into consideration.

“That the comfort of my childhood in the ’90s, just assuming the coral reefs were going to be there for my children—or even the fact that I should have kids—that whole foundation was rocked.”

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When it comes to the role and importance of comedy in her music, Mering feels that it is a crucial element in her music as she believes that comedy is the most abstract mode of expression that enables catchiness as well as effectiveness. Being a huge fan of “The Kids in the Hall” in her childhood days, she connects with comedy so undeniably that she is certain that comedy must be incorporated in her music in order to achieve an expanded impact.

On being asked about her stance on technology, Mering responded that the part she dislikes about considerable technological advancements is the one where technology is resulting in people losing hold of their self-esteem, confidence, and spines. Popping up of technology the moment when someone undergoes boredom is not a great way by which young artists and entrepreneurs would be able to think out of the box or even a little creatively. Certainly, it is not the best idea to criticize and reverse all the technological achievements that science has achieved so far, but control must be possessed by human beings on how much they are immersing themselves into the trap of technology.

Mering having her self-created set of desires and goals in life dreams of nothing but a world full of joy, wherein the humans can at least enjoy a healthy environment to live in. To achieve such ideal conditions in future, she doesn’t want to let pertinent and calling issues like climate change go unvoiced and unnoticed so that everyone can cherish life at its best while living each of its moments vividly.

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