What Does Your Taste In Music Reveal About You?

Alia Smith

Ever wondered if your favourite genre of music could reveal strong traits about your personality?

It isn’t uncommon that we often end up judging people on the basis of their playlists. Meeting and bonding with new people becomes exceptionally easier when your choice of genre matches with theirs. It is not known to all that your playlist and your personality are closely connected to each other and denotes splendid things about your persona.

To make you aware about some disguised yet literal attributes of your personality, we have compiled a list of 7 genres and what they reveal about your character:

  1. Folk, Jazz & Blues:

These listeners are profoundly deep thinkers and have creativity constantly running in their minds. They are fond of music that hits their brains rather than their bodies. Folk, Jazz and Blues lovers are always open to experience new aspects in life and welcome innovation.


  1. Heavy Metal:

There is a misconception that prevails in the minds of general people that heavy metal lovers are tremendously outrageous and aggressive people. However, their actual personality traits reflect that metal lovers are gentle people who get attracted to emotions and demand the fulfilment of their emotional needs.


  1. Rap & Hip-Hop:

Being a fan of rap & hip-hop, people tend to be fond of meeting people with similar interests who understand their intensive fandom of rap and hip-hop music. These people are extroverts who are filled with lots of enthusiasm and vigour.


  1. Classical:

Classical music lovers own a moderately high self-esteem but they clearly know how to ease themselves up by turning up their best playlist of classical singers. They are good listeners and would always lend you an ear to help you vent all your problems out.


  1. Rock:

People who are fond of rock music, follow a flexible approach in life and resort to rock music as a doorway to relaxation. They do not hold a very sensitive ego or excessively high self-esteem. Rock music fans are usually less empathetic towards people but extremely high on energy.

  1. Pop:

Pop listeners are more outgoing and affable. They are constantly eager to tune to the latest pop-hits which turns them into a more curious person. They are not very secretive people and open up their deepest desires and secrets to even newly-met people.


  1. Country:

Country fans certainly pick CTV over MTV as a gateway to attain a calmed soul. They are naturally very conventional and hardworking people who do not aspire for luxury, rather peacefulness in life.

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