YouTube Music: The New Music Streaming Giant?


Step aside Apple Music and Spotify, Youtube Music might be the new epic music streaming app.

Youtube Music has developed its Offline Mixtape feature which is now called “Smart Downloads”. Essentially what this feature does is that it can automatically download 500 songs to your app that you may listen to anywhere and everywhere – with or without an internet connection.                                                 

Your “Smart Download” offline mixtape will include 100 songs based on your music history and other songs from your “Liked Songs” playlists and other albums. Don’t’ worry, the downloading process only takes place at night when your device is connected to Wi-Fi. Another customization feature is that you can set a limit for how much music you want this feature to download. However, Youtube still hasn’t revealed when it can transfer libraries from Google Play Music to Youtube Music since Google Play has over 15 million subscribers and Youtube is a Google subsidiary itself.

Youtube Music does seem to be an appealing option for commutes, flights, low-network areas, and for low-data users but giant streaming apps such as Spotify (unless you purchase Premium), usually exclusively stream music with the presence of an internet connection, but have proved to be highly popular. This raises the question of whether consumers even need such an app that requires so much music to be automatically downloaded to your phone. In addition, it uses a built-in algorithm to choose these offline playlists and songs. This may lead to some people preferring the manual mode. The offline feature is not completely unique to Youtube though, apps such as Netflix and Apple Music also provide users with the option for offline downloads so that they may be able to watch and listen without having access to a data connection.

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Netflix can also automatically delete episodes after a user has viewed them to save memory too. Such offline features have ended up being widely accepted by users.

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