6 Reasons Behind Soaring Divorce Rates Amongst Celebrity Couples

Ishita Kapoor

When it comes to separation of married couples who tied the knot with all due consent, respect, and love, the reasons behind a divorce may be subjective and varied. But in the case of celebrities specifically, there are innumerable reasons which can be the root cause for making the marital relations stringent. Being a celebrity involves the incorporation of splendid distinctive personality traits, which makes your individual identity similar to that of your professional identity, thereby eliminating the distinction between both of them.

We have compiled 6 common reasons which are the cause of elevating divorce rates amongst celebrity couples:

1. Preoccupied schedules:

While the entire work profile of celebrities involves human interaction and involvement at a variety of places, it implies them spending most of their time traveling and staying away from their families. Even if they are around, their engagements like public gatherings, interviews, shoots, etc. make their schedule airtight leaving them with little or no time for their personal lives, hence impairing their marital relations.


2. Cultural distinctions:

Celebrity marriages are usually devoid of any cultural or caste hinderances, which exposes both the partners to assorted cultures and practices. The way those varied cultures have adopted recourse to divorce also plays an important role. For example, for a celebrity from the American origin, divorce is something that is resorted to by people usually, however for a celebrity from the British origin, divorce is not easily opted for.


3. Things start getting real post-marriage:

The real-life celebrities are very different when it is compared to the reel life of celebrities. What one sees on-screen via media publications is how one perceives of such celebrity, which gives rise to complications in the future. When a celebrity couple decides to get married, things suddenly take a practical turn, thus giving the partners a direct exposure to real-life which involves the real personality instead of the reel personality.


4. Age gap:

As per the noticed trends in Hollywood, celebrity couples pay zero attention to their partner’s age or the age difference that they have as a married couple. This gives rise to other problems in the marriage like the difference in mindset, ideologies, way of seeing things, etc., hence bringing down the compatibility of the couple to such an extent that they finally take the decision to get separated.


5. No financial dependence:

Speaking practically, celebrities mostly are financially independent which cuts down any worries relating to lofty legal expenses that a common person would certainly worry about before initiating divorce proceedings. Before a divorce is resorted to, all means and methods of making the marriage work should be exploited. However, when it comes to celebrities, they are financially so strong that they do not have to worry about any upcoming expenses.


6. Professional physical involvement:

The work profile of celebrities includes them getting physically involved with other people besides their life partners, which certainly is a part of their work-life, but may impact their personal lives to some extent. The lives of celebrities are full of socialization and interactions which makes them meet new people daily, along with hundreds of fans and followers hitting on them.

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