About Us

A call to the world when you want to reach out, a shout-out to the media when you want to rise up.

A community structured in a way that can make you stand out and shine – One Song Magazine not only takes you out to meet the music enthusiasts but also brings in for you a whole community of musicians, seeing whom you carve your niche and tread forward to the path of becoming a real musician, rather just any YouTuber.

With an outreach of millions of followers, One Song Magazine is the ‘Only Global Music Magazine’ that makes musicians go viral. Since years, we have been helping artists flourish in their careers.

We promise not a magazine or a viral feature, but an experience for the music enthusiasts, performers, and celebrities – something for everyone.

Here, a struggler can approach for help, an enthusiast can discover the upcoming trends, and industry professionals can hire artists for their ongoing projects. We showcase all the talents ranging from Singers to Guitarists, Percussion Artists to Synth Players, Classical to Rock Artists, Psychedelic Trances to Beatboxing and more.

Other than using the platform to make your content go viral and discovering upcoming trends globally, you can harness the power of features such as Premium Showcase, Artist Biographies, and your own circle development. These will boost your knowledge, network, and talent in more ways than any other platform can probably deliver.

We also offer BAG OF GOLD packages for you, which include: Instagram Feature, Facebook Engagement, Youtube Virality and more. Were you expecting a million dollars? Yes, why not? Do all this with us. If you expect a spark, you get a blast. If you expect a blast, we are definitely lighting, directly delivered from the Bow of Zeus to the doorsteps of your next show. Give your audience a profile worth following. Join our tribe now!

For editorial inquiries, contact: editorial@onesongmagazine.com