Jolynn’s Journey From Being A Young Pianist To Releasing Her Own EP

Alia Smith

Jolynn possesses her unique signature style of eclectic blending of classical cross-over styles with pop and jazz elements.

While being trained in the arena of classical music since an age as tender as 5, Jolynn has been constantly evolving and growing. Amazingly, her solo career in the music industry as an artist began in 2013 and it hasn’t taken her long enough that she already has a strong grasp over her profession.

“My love for other genres such as pop, cross-over, electronic music and jazz has drawn me to experiment with the fusion between them and my classical background,” says Jolynn.

Though her solo journey in the industry began lately, Jolynn already has already been honored with various achievements and accolades. While she kept herself engaged back in her hometown in the hustle of classical concert tours, she won the Gold Prize at the Asia International Piano Academy Festival Competition in 2016 in Seoul, Korea. Supplementing it, she herself told One Song Magazine about her soaring level of enthusiasm about her upcoming EP which would be another achievement to be added to her list.

Having been released three amazing singles already by the name Toccata, Billie Jean and Danza Hungara, Toccata has a reserved soft corner in Jolynn’s heart as it was her first-ever single and it still makes her immensely proud. Toccata resembles a personal expression for Jolynn as it vividly speaks about her personality and lets her expose all three parts of her as a pianist i.e. classical, jazz and modern. Another reason behind Jolynn adoring Toccata is that it was mastered by the much-celebrated Howie Weinberg, who has worked with astounding bands like Metallica, Aerosmith, and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Stage fear serves to be a common issue amongst many artists initially, however, Jolynn recovered from this fear at a mere age of 7 years when she just started performing the piano on stage frequently. It was soon that she started to enjoy and embrace performing in front of people. Watching her favorite artists perform on the television was the main source of inspiration for her which encouraged her to pursue to become a remarkable pianist.

When Jolynn was asked by One Song Magazine about her latent career desire if she would have not become a musician, she answered that she would have put herself in becoming a celebrity chef.

Talking of her quirky hidden desires, Jolynn dreams of doing a concert tour all across the world. But in the shorter run, she has aims and goals to achieve and she visualizes herself in Los Angeles in the next five years while collaborating with countless talented musicians.

She plays piano with all her heart for her fans and wishes for them to be able to connect with her music and provide them with utmost pleasure.

“I want people to be able to relate to my music, in whatever they are going through in their lives, and for them to get inspiration, positivity, confidence and to be uplifted.”

While Jolynn makes commendable music herself, she still believes in following and gaining inspiration from other brilliant artists. While growing up, Maksim Mrvica, Vanessa-Mae, and the string quartet BOND were major sources of inspiration to her. She follows Instagram stories of various artists like Timmy Trumpet, Dua Lipa and Cardi B, and loves to gain insights of their lives, enabling her to get to know these artists personally as well as professionally.

When she was asked by One Song Magazine if there are any upcoming and scheduled album or song releases due, the piano-pro couldn’t contain her excitement and cheerfully affirmed that she cannot wait for her fans to indulge into her upcoming EP.

“In this EP, we give you the best of my 3 piano worlds: the classical, where I first came from; the jazz, where I discovered my love for this genre in my teenage years; and the modern, where I infused my love for other modern genres of music, the pop, EDM, all into my playing.”

For all young and budding vocalists, Jolynn is a constant source of motivation and encouragement, and she hugely advocates the importance of practicing until precision in order to present oneself as an inspirer on stage.

On being asked about her take on One Song and the services it offers, she expressed her view on how crucial and encouraging it is for musicians to reach to the audience and how One Song is working to achieve exactly the same.

“I love how One Song helps as a platform for aspiring musicians. Platforms like these are indeed important for musicians to reach out to the world and know their music.”

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